Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Adkins, Tommy

Tommy was raised and attended university in Ohio. His love of fly-fishing and nature photography has drawn him across the continent and around the world. Working as fishing guide and ship’s engineer, Tommy has had the opportunity to live and work in a number of LEARN MORE >>

Anderson, Peter

Peter Anderson immigrated from Burma (Myanmar) to the United States in the 1960’s. He served in the Army working with military radars stationed on the Korean DMZ, aka the “Northernmost Outpost. “ After his military service, Peter spent over 30 years working in the LEARN MORE >>

Paul J. Buklarewicz

Buklarewicz, Paul J.

A passion for capturing travel and landscape images fueled Paul to teach himself the art of photography. The Hawaiian Islands have been a rich source of cultural as well as lava and seascape images when not traveling abroad. He and his wife Arlene have made their LEARN MORE >>


Deily, Lanaya

I received a BA in Art from San Francisco State and a Masters in Art Education from California College of Arts and Crafts. After teaching in Oakland California for 31 years, I retired with my husband in Hilo and in 2005 moved to the Volcano area. After years of LEARN MORE >>

Mary Goodrich

Goodrich, Mary

Mary Goodrich has been involved in various forms of art-making and photography for as long as she can remember. From her early pen and ink drawings to all kinds of photographic explorations, her focus and working process has been about giving attention to things she LEARN MORE >>

Griggs, Jim

Jim Griggs has had a lifelong interest in photography. He first used his mother’s camera at age seven and got his first personal camera, a Brownie Hawkeye with flash attachment, at age nine. Jim studied with Ansel Adams and other well-known photographers at Yosemite LEARN MORE >>

Jack Jeffrey

Jeffrey, Jack

1974, Jack Jeffrey began serious nature photography while working as a wildlife biologist, watching many of Hawai’i’s forest bird populations decline. At the time, there were few good photographs of many of the species, and none at all for some species. Jack set LEARN MORE >>

Johnson, Patty Uldra

“I live in Volcano Village. Volcano is my favorite place on Earth; the place where I feel I am at home. I love the quietude, the rain, [and] the mystical forests. “I am a multimedia artist. I am a self-taught photographer. I also work in clothing design and LEARN MORE >>

Laceby, Joe

Joe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He describes his artistic growth and chosen process: “Born in the shadow of Tulsa OK, 1970. Farm boy by nature but grew up the king of dirt ball wars. My interest in art LEARN MORE >>

G. Brad Lewis

Lewis, G. Brad

G. Brad Lewis is a world-renowned volcano and nature photographer. His images have been featured on the covers of Life, National Geographic, Natural History, Nature's Best, Terra, Geo, and dozens of other publications, as well as accompanying articles in many LEARN MORE >>

Ley, Rachelle

Born and raised on the island of Hawai`i, photographer Rachelle Ley of Hana Punahele Images spent her childhood days playing in the native forest of Volcano to swimming in the serene tide pools of Kapoho. At a young age she was taught a deep respect the land. As an LEARN MORE >>


McCormick, Victoria

When Victoria was eight her mother let her use the family‘s Brownie camera to photograph the many animals on the farm where they lived. By following her favorite animals to take their pictures she learned to work with animals and the joy of capturing their behaviors LEARN MORE >>

Meyers, Charlene

Charlene Meyers has lived in Volcano on the island of Hawai`i, since 2001. Her first visit to Hawai`i was in 1975 and a love of the island began at that time. She is a retired caterer, who has always enjoyed photography. Retirement has allowed the time to photograph LEARN MORE >>

Scanlon, Robin

“I've been taking photographs for thirty years. I began working for a photography company in Waikiki - one of the first. We did black and white documentary photography for the hotels and travel organizations. “Proust said that ‘The only real voyage of discovery LEARN MORE >>

Cathy Shine

Shine, Cathy

Photographing since 1974, Cathy has performed her own darkroom responsibilities, including film-development, printing, artistic editing and composition. Working exclusively in the medium of black and white, her efforts have achieved technical elegance demonstrating LEARN MORE >>

Stewart, Michael

Michael Stewart has lived in the islands since 1991. He relocated from San Jose, California to explore the clear blue reefs of Hawai‘i as a PADI scuba instructor and was immediately captivated by his surroundings and began to document what he saw through the camera LEARN MORE >>


Tunison, Jesse

Jesse Tunison is a photographer, director, and producer residing on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Born on July 6th 1991 in California, Jesse’s parents decided to bring him up in Volcano, Hawai`i, where he was to be surrounded by artists in one of the most artistic LEARN MORE >>

Weymouth, Fleur

Fleur Weymouth has been photography editor of Helicon Nine magazine from 1982 to the present. She has been exhibiting her paintings and photographs since 1959. Recent one-woman shows include the Morris Gallery in New York City; the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, LEARN MORE >>