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Volcano Art Center Gallery in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park CONSIGNMENT GUIDELINES


***Currently not taking in new artists due to limited space***


Volcano Art Center (VAC) provides ongoing opportunities for visual artists in all media to sell their work on consignment in Volcano Art Center Gallery. Volcano Art Center Gallery has two locations. Our larger Gallery is located within the former Volcano House Hotel built in 1877, is open year-round, seven days a week (except Christmas Day). It is operated under a Lease Agreement with the National Park Service, as an enhancement to the interpretive programs of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park (HVNP). Our smaller Gallery is located in Volcano Village and shares a space with our admin offices.

Before submitting work, artists should think about how their work fits both the mission of VAC and the requirements of HVNP. VAC’s mission is to promote, develop, and perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritage of Hawai’i’s people and the environment through the arts and education. As our mission is specific to artists of Hawai’i, VAC currently only accepts new works from artist living within the state of Hawai’i. Artists residing outside the state of Hawai’i will not be considered, part-time residents will be considered with a Hawai’i address.  Further, our agreement with HVNP is that we will offer items that have a direct relationship to the Hawaiian culture, and the scenic and natural values of the Park and Hawai’i. Please consider, and explain, in a written paragraph, how your work “Interprets the Park through Art.” Souvenir and/or gift items, convenience merchandise, items that are machine or commercially manufactured, or foreign import items are not allowed under our National Park Service Agreement. VAC’s agreement with HVNP further stipulates that no item will be sold or used that contains or is manufactured with any part of any rare or endangered species as defined under the Endangered Species Act. Those whose work includes koa wood must also provide assurance that the koa used in any work accepted by our Gallery has been legally harvested. Only handcrafted items that meet all of the above will be considered.

If you feel your work meets these criteria and would like to have it considered, please submit a brief portfolio, including color images (digital images, photos, or color copies) of the work you would like us to consider, plus any additional background material that you feel is relevant. A wholesale price list and listing of other locations where you currently sell your work would be helpful. If you have a website where your work can be viewed, you may give us the web address in lieu of submitting images if the work on the site is reflective of the work you would like us to consider.

Please click here to submit your application.

*** We are currently not accepting new artists due to limited space***

If we feel that your work is appropriate and could do well in the Gallery, our Gallery Manager will call you to set up an appointment. You’ll need to bring the following items with you when you meet with the Gallery representative:

Several examples of the work you would like to have considered that are reflective of the quality, materials, presentation, and size of the work you would consign.
Prior exhibition or sales of your work is not required, however, we do want to know where else you show and/or sell your work.
A portfolio showing the range and direction of your work.
Any special requirements for the proper display of your work. Because of the historic nature of our building we are unable to show work that requires climate control, specialized lighting, high security, a reinforced floor, or certain other needs.

Be prepared to discuss the wholesale price range of your work.

We have two visitor seasons. The winter season attracts more people who are art collectors. In the summer we attract more families and people traveling in groups. We look for distinctive seasonal items for November and December.

The initial consignment period is for three months. The exception is a holiday or special event item, which is consigned for shorter periods. At any point during the consignment period, VAC reserves the right to return artwork that is damaged upon arrival, of inferior quality, or that varies substantially from the work originally accepted.

VAC will provide each artist with a consignment agreement spelling out the terms upon which the work will be shown, and will assume the responsibility to display the work in a manner that will enhance its sale. Payment for artwork sold in any given month will be mailed by the 15th day of the following month or the first business day thereafter.

Thank you for your interest in having Volcano Art Center represent your work for sale.  Please expect 4-6 weeks for a response to submissions.

Click here for the PDF version of the Consignment Guidelines

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