Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Adams-Pruitt, Nash

Nash has been working Borosilicate Glass for five years.  He specializes in flameworking, also known as lampworking or torchworking,  a type of glasswork whereby the artist utilizes a torch or lamp to melt the glass. Once in a molten state, the glass is blown and LEARN MORE >>

Adams, Lisa Louise

Lisa Louise Adams--painter, potter, printmaker, bookmaker, papermaker, jeweler, poet and quilter--lives in the lush rainforest village of Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she works out of her Spiral Triangle Studios. Her work has been displayed in LEARN MORE >>

Adare, Rose

Rose Adare is a pop-realist artist classically trained at the Academy of Art University and the Atelier for Classical Realism in California. After eight years of intensive academic training, three of which were granted on full scholarship, Rose spread her art from LEARN MORE >>

Adkins, Tommy

Tommy was raised and attended university in Ohio. His love of fly-fishing and nature photography has drawn him across the continent and around the world. Working as fishing guide and ship’s engineer, Tommy has had the opportunity to live and work in a number of LEARN MORE >>

Amber Aguirre

Aguirre, Amber

Long known as a skilled potter, Amber uses two specialized techniques that take her ceramic pieces beyond the usual. The basic process calls for a “bisque” firing to remove moisture from the formed piece, a second firing to get it red hot for a “reduction” firing LEARN MORE >>

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Ahia, Christine

Christine grew up in Honolulu. She started drawing as a child, and her parents took her to art classes at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, now the Honolulu Museum School. After an initial family visit to the Volcano in 1962, Christine continues to explore Kīlauea as a LEARN MORE >>

Amemiya, Clayton

Clayton Amemiya was born in Wahiwa on O‘ahu. He attended Punahou Academy and received a bachelor’s degree in Asian studies from the University of Hawai‘i-Mänoa. Clayton was introduced to pottery while working at the U.S. Consulate in Okinawa in 1972, when he met LEARN MORE >>

Anderson, Peter

Peter Anderson immigrated from Burma (Myanmar) to the United States in the 1960’s. He served in the Army working with military radars stationed on the Korean DMZ, aka the “Northernmost Outpost. “ After his military service, Peter spent over 30 years working in the LEARN MORE >>

Andrews, Frank

“It starts with an exciting field trip”, Frank Andrews said when asked about his process for creating his welded copper petroglyph sculpture. “I hike into prehistoric rock art sites in the desert Southwest and Hawai‘i, take photographs and make drawings, then convert LEARN MORE >>

Asato, Charlene

Charlene Asato became interested in bookbinding 25 years ago while learning calligraphy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2003 back in her hometown of Hawai’i, she has focused on incorporating her art pursuits into her artist books. She creates these art books LEARN MORE >>

Barker, Phan Nguyen

Phan was born in a Catholic Village north of Hanoi, and went south with her family at the time of partition in l954. She came to the United States in l969. For many years she did not want to return to Vietnam because in her mind it was a place of death and LEARN MORE >>


Barnaby, Margaret

Many of the plants and animals that Margaret Barnaby has so masterfully captured - hapu’u tree ferns, ohia and koa trees, mynah birds, feral pigs - she can see in her Volcano Village backyard. However, the one that she’d most like to see is the ‘alala (Hawaiian LEARN MORE >>

Keith Beardsley

Beardsley, Keith

About the artist... Keith Beardsley was born in Portland, Oregon but has lived in Hawai‘i since he was two. Keith’s grandfather, a carpenter who made a bandsaw for him, was a key to his interest in woodworking. Keith began doing serious woodworking in 1985. Like LEARN MORE >>

Berger, Marian

Volcano Village’s own Marian Berger is a first-rate naturalist artist fully deserving of her growing reputation. Born in Limerick, Ireland, the daughter of a meteorologist, Marian spent her early childhood on Wake Island and in Alaska where she acquired her LEARN MORE >>

Bianchini, Henry

Henry Bianchini In 1965, Henry Bianchini built a 30-foot trimaran. In 1969, he and his wife Dianne sailed it to Hawai‘i and saw the Mauna Ulu eruption from many miles at sea. The Big Island has been their home ever since, and still holds much magic for LEARN MORE >>

Bianchini, Henry

Henry Bianchini was born in San Diego, CA on December 28, 1935. Since settling in Hawaii in 1969, he has distinguished himself internationally as a sculptor, painter, printmaker, and craftsman. He has earned several Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts LEARN MORE >>

Joan Blackshear

Blackshear, Joan

Born on the island of Hawaii, Joan Shipman Blackshear has an island family history dating back four generations. The seeds of her art were sown early while playing hide and seek among Banyan roots, torch ginger, and wild orchids. Upon obtaining a degree in LEARN MORE >>

Brooks, Susan

Susan was a flight attendant for many years traveling the world gathering inspiration for her art. She was born in June and is a true Gemini. It has been said that they should never place any limits on themselves. If that Gemini is an artist it means a lifetime of LEARN MORE >>

Paul J. Buklarewicz

Buklarewicz, Paul J.

A passion for capturing travel and landscape images fueled Paul to teach himself the art of photography. The Hawaiian Islands have been a rich source of cultural as well as lava and seascape images when not traveling abroad. He and his wife Arlene have made their LEARN MORE >>

Buscher, Gene

Gene Buscher was trained as a draftsman, but decided to take up woodworking when he left his native California to live on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. He says, “I had a carver friend who let me be his apprentice, and he showed me how to do the kind of carving I use to LEARN MORE >>

Buscher, Wesley

Wesley was born and raised on the Big Island. He became interested in woodworking in 2004, learning the trade from his father, and experimenting on his own. All the wood used in his work is from salvaged trees found on the Big Island, making his process as LEARN MORE >>

Cameron, Rod

Rod Cameron is no stranger to the East Hawai’i art scene: he has had four notable solo shows. About Volcano he says, "There is no place I know that is remotely like it in the world. Its great contrasts of violence and quiet solitude, clear blue skies and heavy ash LEARN MORE >>

Capell, Lynn

Raised on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Lynn Capell has remained a lover of the tropics. After studying fine art at Florida Stae University she lived abroad in Italy, Brazil , New Zealand, Canada and Panama.  Lynn spent 5 years with her daughter in Panama on the flower LEARN MORE >>

Carnegie, D.

Donna was born in Queens, New York and got a degree in history. She later studied metal arts at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts which led from making custom jewelry to a business rebuilding and restoring Pontiac GTOs. She still loves working with metal and LEARN MORE >>

Carney, Eric

Eric was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1969 and moved to Iowa as a child. He began writing poetry and making sculptures in the third grade. In high school, Eric won the National Scholastic gold medal in photography. In 1992, Eric moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico LEARN MORE >>

Castro, Melina

Born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, Melina Castro moved to the U.S. in 2001 where she was first exposed to jewelry design. It was then she discovered her love for metals. Her creative exploration has included graphic design, photography, pottery, and mixed LEARN MORE >>

Ken Charon (2)

Charon, Ken

Ken Charon was born in New York on July 26, 1954. He traveled to Europe at an early age with his family, and ended up calling Paris, France home from 1971-1983. During that time he studied art there, at the Academie Julian in Paris, as well as in Switzerland and at LEARN MORE >>

Rebecca Charon

Charon, Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen Charon has her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Moving to Hawai’i in 1996, she found inspiration and the right environment to further her art. Rebecca has a love for color, and likes juxtaposing realism with freer, LEARN MORE >>


Chavez, Gayle

Born and raised in Southern California, I relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1988. In 1989 a business partner and I co-created a pottery manufacturing company called Rift Zone Ceramics. Glazing and decorating low-fire Raku ware sparked my initial interest in LEARN MORE >>

Ching, Brenda May

My jewelry is made from sterling silver sheet and wire. I manipulate them into forms by sawing, hammering, forging, soldering, fusing, etching, using a hydraulic press and stakes, and more. Stones or finds of various materials are sometimes included. Using a Korean LEARN MORE >>

Choi, Claire

Unlike most teenagers, Claire chose painting as a career when she was only fifteen. She fondly remembers her first painting: people on a beach in her native Korea. Three years of focused studies in school as well as private art lessons helped to develop her talent. LEARN MORE >>

Clapp, Ed

Ed is a sculptor who works in traditional materials, such as wood and bronze, but he always keeps an eye out on dump runs and at garage sales for unusual objects to incorporate into his mixed media work. After graduating with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth LEARN MORE >>

Jelena Clay

Clay, Jelena

Jelena clay is a mixed media artist that resides in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. She is the daughter of Serbian emigrants and was raised in Saratoga, California. At 20 years old she relocated to the islands and has called it home since. Jelena works primarily with LEARN MORE >>

Cindy Conklin

Conklin, Cindy

Cindy Conklin has a degree in History of Art, with a minor in studio art. She was an art teacher for over 20 years before moving to Hawaii. "I'm drawn to Kilauea by the primal nature of the place. The raw landscapes being colonized by new plants as well as the LEARN MORE >>

Craig, Jess Masao

Growing up in Northern California, Jess fell in love with Hawaii and island life over 30 years ago, returning as often as possible until moving to the Big Island permanently with his wife and two daughters in 2009. His wife and one of his daughters have since taken LEARN MORE >>

Cumes, Heide

A native of Germany Heide moved to South Africa with her family at age 12.  At university, she studied both psychology and art earning a Bachelor’s degree in both subjects and completed a doctorate in psychology.  Despite a lifetime of professional practice, art LEARN MORE >>

D’Avella, Matthew

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Matthew has been designing and building furniture for more than 30 years. His training is rooted in modern American and English design. Since moving to Kailua-Kona in 1994, he has been studying and creating both traditional and LEARN MORE >>

Datlof, Erin

Erin Datlof's art brings science, nature, and jewelry together using stylized designs of endemic and indigenous species to showcase the Hawaiian flora and fauna. This helps to interpret the park environment through inspirational koa wood line art. “Hopefully my LEARN MORE >>

Datlof, Patti

Originally from New Jersey, Patti had been drawn to Hawaii all her life, finally moving here in 2004. Her love for clay grew from her study of art at Humbolt State University, where she received a B.A. in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. Her "Lava Inspired Pots" LEARN MORE >>


Davenport, Doug

Douglas Davenport became an apprentice in production pottery at the age of fifteen and feels fortunate to have learned all aspects of production—from making clay and glazes to building and firing kilns. He has been throwing production stoneware for many years and LEARN MORE >>

John Dawson

Dawson, John D.

John D. Dawson was born and raised in San Diego, California. With the complete support of his working-class parents they helped him to follow his dreams of a career in art. John graduated from the Art Center School, Los Angeles, California which is now The Art LEARN MORE >>


Deily, Lanaya

I received a BA in Art from San Francisco State and a Masters in Art Education from California College of Arts and Crafts. After teaching in Oakland California for 31 years, I retired with my husband in Hilo and in 2005 moved to the Volcano area. After years of LEARN MORE >>

Thomas Deir

Deir, Thomas

At an early age Thomas Deir wanted to work in a creative field. He wanted to put his ideas into a tangible form that others could enjoy. During his adolescent years, Thomas explored the options that were available to him including drawing, photography, architecture, LEARN MORE >>

Eaves, Greg

Greg Eaves was born on Oahu and raised on the Big Island where he learned the trade of wood working from his father. Over the past 20 years, Greg has developed his skills and now is the fourth generation in a long line of master craftsmen. Greg's LEARN MORE >>

Eoff, Gary

Gary Eoff has resided in Kona Hawai‘i since 1981.  He works as an artist and craftsman, influenced by our rich Hawaiian culture and traditions. Inspired by the expert craftsmanship, the high level of aesthetics and the natural materials used in the culture of old LEARN MORE >>

Marian Fieldson

Fieldson, Marian

Marian has been doing glass lampwork since 1981, studying at the famed Pilchick School with Ginny Ruffner and Bandhu Dunham. She did lampworking for gift stores in California, developing a line of signature figures. In Hawai‘i, she owned and operated retail kiosks LEARN MORE >>

Flanders, Amy

I have been making jewelry for about fifteen years. I started working in Santa Fe, New Mexico finishing jewelry and soon learned lapidary; the art of cutting and polishing stones. As a stonecutter, I have this crazy ambition to cut and polish anything; so I will LEARN MORE >>


Fogelvik, Mats

Mats Fogelvik, born in Sweden in 1959, is a designer/artist and wood-worker. In 1987, he attended an art and furniture making school in Stockholm, and worked as a teacher for wood shop classes during 1988. His world adventures landed him on Maui in 1991, since then LEARN MORE >>

Frazier, Birgitta

Birgitta knew she belonged in Hawai'i a day after she landed. "My paradise on an active volcano is exciting and inspires my daily work," she says. Originally from Germany, she was just 17 when she received a 3 year degree as a Milliner (ladies hat maker).  She took LEARN MORE >>

Freedman, Stephen

Stephen Freedman trained since childhood as a ceramicist. He worked in studios and industry on several continents to develop a repertoire of techniques which facilitate the expression of his diverse interests, ranging from formal pottery in the Sino tradition, to LEARN MORE >>

Freeman, Tim

He ipu ho ihi Pele (Vessels honoring Pele) Tim Freeman's pit-fired vessels are inspired by the experience of living in such close proximity to the summit of Kilauea. His fascination with the volcano stems from a unique experience in the summer of 1991, when as a LEARN MORE >>

Fregeau, Ingrid

Ingrid Fregeau is a ceramic sculptor and potter who moved to Hawaii in 1998 from Quebec, Canada.  She has worked with clay for more than twenty years, first as a hand building figurative sculptor and more recently as a porcelain potter.  Her work has been shown in LEARN MORE >>

Froney, Ethan

Ethan Froney is an artist/ blacksmith residing in Waimea. His welding studies be- gan at the Pratt Fine Arts Center. Ethan expanded his skills while being mentored by a number of master blacksmiths. Since 1998, he has forged, fabricated and built museum quality LEARN MORE >>

Furchgott, Eve

Eve has been living in East Hawaii since 1993. A self-taught printmaker with a strong graphics background, Eve is also an oil painter. She works as an illustrator and designer for her own business, Blue Heron Multimedia. She has won awards in various categories in LEARN MORE >>

David Gallegos

Gallegos, David

David Maes Gallegos was born in Denver, Colorado, on September 23, 1954. After winning scholarships in painting and drawing, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with high distinction from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1974. In 1977 Gallegos LEARN MORE >>

Garcia, Elena

Elena Garcia was born into an artistic American family of Hispanic and British heritage. She clearly recalls her discovery and fascination with color blending at the age of five. Contemporary artists of California were Elena’s first mentors. She went on to study the LEARN MORE >>

Garten, Ron

Ron Garten, an orphan since he was 12 and on his own at 14, worked his way through high school on the vegetable farms of Selinus Valley, California. A gifted athlete, he got a scholar-ship to junior college in Salinas and transferred to the University of Nevada, LEARN MORE >>

Geller, Stewart

Stewart Ian Geller (SIG) was raised in New York City, and has lived in Hawai’i since late 1993. He studied art at City College of New York, the State University of New York at New Paltz, and the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, where he graduated in 1995 with a B.A. LEARN MORE >>

Gilmore, Jamie

I was two when I held my first pencil & started my “training” as an artist. Living in rural northern California, I had plenty of time to draw, paint & color. I was born an only child & grew up surrounded by the agricultural beauty of Northern California. LEARN MORE >>

Mary Goodrich

Goodrich, Mary

Mary Goodrich has been involved in various forms of art-making and photography for as long as she can remember. From her early pen and ink drawings to all kinds of photographic explorations, her focus and working process has been about giving attention to things she LEARN MORE >>

Griggs, Jim

Jim Griggs has had a lifelong interest in photography. He first used his mother’s camera at age seven and got his first personal camera, a Brownie Hawkeye with flash attachment, at age nine. Jim studied with Ansel Adams and other well-known photographers at Yosemite LEARN MORE >>

Gross, Stephen

Stephen Gross has lived on the Big Island since 1980, first moving to the Kona side where he lived for six years before moving to Hilo where he now resides. Gross is a retired RN and self-taught woodworker. When he first started out, he learned mostly from ads LEARN MORE >>

Grove, Gretchen

Gretchen has lived on the Big Island since 1969. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Art, and has been printmaking for about 20 years, specifically block printing for 15 of those years. Her block prints deal with Hawaii's native species. She says, "I love the graphic LEARN MORE >>

Lynne Gustavson

Gustavson, Lynne

Lynne Gustavson creates her one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry to match the colors, textures and moods of beautiful Hawai’i. Her unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings are hand crafted of a variety of semi-precious stones, and represent the beautiful rain forests, LEARN MORE >>

Guth, Ann

With a background in geography and geology, Ann Guth was introduced to cartography (drawing maps). While she was working on a map, one of her supervisors said “you have something in your hands.” With that came confidence and greater creativity. She has lived in LEARN MORE >>

Hagen, Karen

Karen Hagen is from California and attended the University of California in Santa Barbara. After college, she married a high school sweetheart and moved to Oahu while he was in Vietnam. She joined him for a few weeks on R&R, and on his return from Vietnam they LEARN MORE >>

Bonnie Sol Hahn

Hahn, Bonnie Sol

"It starts with an experience, a feeling, and a subject. I’m drawn to the way light surfs the waves, the way sunset streaks across the sky, the way wind blows through the palms. From the boldness of the distant mountain as it rises above the clouds, to the LEARN MORE >>

Hanatani, Ron

Ron Hanatani was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a degree in geology. He moved to the Volcano Village in 1978 and worked at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory intermittently from 1978 to 1988. Ron spent LEARN MORE >>

William Hartmann

Hartmann, William

William K. Hartmann is known internationally for his astronomical research, writing and painting. He first came to Hawai‘i in 1964 where he lived alone on Mauna Kea to do early site testing for what later became the Mauna Kea Observatory. Currently he lives in Ka‘ū, LEARN MORE >>

Hasenyager, Shirley

Shirley grew up in southeastern New Mexico. She attended Abilene Christian College, and the University of New Mexico. She and her husband met and were married in Albuquerque and moved to Hawaii in 1963. She took art classes at UNM but did not pursue art until LEARN MORE >>


Hayes, David K.

David Hayes was born and raised in Hawai`i and has lived here his entire life. He graduated in the class of 1978 from Saint Louis High School in Honolulu and received his Bachelor of Art Degree from the University of Hawai`i in 1985. David has been a member of LEARN MORE >>

Hendrickson, Mike

Mike Hendrickson has been producing marquetry for over twelve years. He apprenticed with S. Mark Ingram of Haiku, Maui and has assisted him in teaching marquetry classes on O`ahu and Maui. Mike lives in South Kona and now teaches his own classes on the Big LEARN MORE >>

Greg Henkel

Henkel, Greg (Stoneface)

Stoneface Hawaii is a family run, art/manufacturing business that has been creating original products from their home studio in Kalapana for over twenty years. Using a Sandblast cabinet, the Henkel ohana carves original images on Stone, Glass, and Tile. Products LEARN MORE >>

Emily Herb

Herb, Emily

Emily was born in the Midwest, but has lived in Utah, Alaska, Arizona, Seattle and now, Hawai’i. She has been working with clay since she was a child, and has had some very inspiring teachers who sparked her passion for clay with their own enthusiasm, dedication, LEARN MORE >>

Hickey, Shannon

Perched on the side of an ancient cinder cone with a distant view of the smoke and glow from Kilauea Volcano's active vents, my Hamakua Coast studio is an inspirational site for creating art from earth and fire. The open-air studio is nestled in a lush tropical LEARN MORE >>


Hoist, Shelley

Shelley Hoist feels extremely lucky to be a natural fiber artist living on the beautiful Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Creating art has always been a part of her life.  Inspired by natural fibers and found treasures, she creates sculptural art vessels, LEARN MORE >>

Irvine, Steve

Born in Los Angeles, Steve Irvine has been inspired by Hawaii’s beauty since moving here in 1969. He assisted print maker James Koga in a printmaking workshop and in 1981 traveled to China on an art study tour with Linus Chao, who strongly influenced his work. He LEARN MORE >>

Israel, Bea

It was love at first brush stroke that put me on the path of discovering, studying and creating art. Nothing has changed since these early years and still there is no greater joy for me than to use traditional or very nontraditional media and tools to create LEARN MORE >>

Israel, Zeke

Zeke Israel is a gifted artist, musician, and educator whose home and studio are on the slopes of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai’i. The beautiful simplicity and cultural richness of island living has continued to inspire his innovative LEARN MORE >>

Kate and Will Jacobson

Jacobson, Kate and Will

Kate and Will Jacobson have been collaborating artists for thirty-five years. Their open-air studio is on a one-lane country road and graced by a huge mango tree and an abundance of tropical flowers. They enjoy sweeping ocean views and the dichotomy of a natural, LEARN MORE >>

Jack Jeffrey

Jeffrey, Jack

1974, Jack Jeffrey began serious nature photography while working as a wildlife biologist, watching many of Hawai’i’s forest bird populations decline. At the time, there were few good photographs of many of the species, and none at all for some species. Jack set LEARN MORE >>

Jenkins, Evan

“My family has been a major influence on my life as an artist. I have been around the process of artistic creation since I was I kid running around my dad’s glass studio. My father Hugh was a glass artist and teacher before I was born, and my mother a weaver, paper LEARN MORE >>

Hugh Jenkins

Jenkins, Hugh

Education Oberlin College, 1963-67, Bachelor of Arts 1967 University of Hawai‘i, 1967-72 Rochester Institute of Technology, 1978 Penland School of Crafts, 1978 Grants and Recognition Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture & the Arts, grant 1970-71 Featured LEARN MORE >>

Jensen, Natalie Mahina

Born in Honolulu, and raised in Makaha on the island of O`ahu, Natalie Mahina Jensen was educated and trained since childhood in Nā Mea Hulu, Native Hawaiian feather work, later specializing in the sculpted feathered staff called Kāhili Ku.  Her first art exhibit LEARN MORE >>

Johns, Cliff

Design and form have always been of great interest to me. I find woodturning is an excellent way to experiment with both. There seems to be no end to what you find when you explore wood. The artists that have had the most influence on my work and my concept of LEARN MORE >>

Patti Pease Johnson

Johnson, Patti Pease

Patti Pease Johnson grew up in a family of 10 in rural Minnesota. “As a teenager, my mom took me to art classes with her and we also enjoyed much family camping throughout my childhood. I'm very grateful to my parents for instilling the art of noticing nature's LEARN MORE >>

Johnson, Patty Uldra

“I live in Volcano Village. Volcano is my favorite place on Earth; the place where I feel I am at home. I love the quietude, the rain, [and] the mystical forests. “I am a multimedia artist. I am a self-taught photographer. I also work in clothing design and LEARN MORE >>

Kamai, Chelsea

Chelsea was born in Newport Beach, California and moved to the Big Island in 2015.  She and her husband greeted the arrival of their first child in March of 2016.  A self-taught acrylic painter, Chelsea finds her inspiration in the wildlife that surrounds her.  The LEARN MORE >>

Kamamalu, Kira

Kira Kamamalu Lee was born in Hilo Hawaii in 1983. Surrounded by the intense interest in Hawaiian culture by her family and raised in the traditions passed down through her Father’s family, Kira has an inherent interest in preserving Hawaiian history and continuing LEARN MORE >>

Kamohoali’i, Micah

Kumu Hula Micah Kamohoaliʻi is the Cultural Director for the Waimea Hawaiian Homesteaders’ Association and is an accomplished and a renowned Kumu Hula of Hālau Nā Kīpuʻupuʻu. His hālau is rooted in the Hawaiian culture and language while immersed in the traditions LEARN MORE >>

Kanetake, Ione

Ione was born in Hilo and raised in Menlo Park, CA. She graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in art and industrial art design. She returned to Hilo in 1972. Ione describes how she began making slippers and what it took to make a business out of LEARN MORE >>

Edwin Kayton

Kayton, Edwin

Edwin Kayton has been prolific in the mediums of oil, drawings, and sculpture for 25 years. Often called a “renaissance man” by gallery representatives, he recently added the medium of true fresco to his repertoire. Deeply influenced by the works of Rembrandt, LEARN MORE >>

Kealamakia, Moses

Moses Kealamakia is a “kanaka maoli” (native Hawaiian man) raised in the ranchlands of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawai’i. He graduated from Brigham Young University-Hawai`i Campus with a degree in art, and certification to teach in the state of Hawai`i. In 2015 he LEARN MORE >>

Keeth, Wayne

Wayne’s love for flowers was encouraged from birth by his paternal grandmother Viola Goodwin Keeth. Her yard was always full of flowering succulents and exotic cacti with exquisite blooms. “Every time we visited her from as early as I can remember she would send me LEARN MORE >>

Avi Kiriaty

Kiriaty, Avi

Avi Kiriaty was born in Israel, the son of a dabbling artist, and spent his youth as a keen observer of nature and people. He met his wife on a kibbutz and soon after moved to New Hampshire where they had their first child, Keytoe. Soon after, the Kiriaty family LEARN MORE >>

Kobayashi, Ray

As the owner of R.K. Builders, Inc. Ray has built nearly 600 homes in almost every subdivision in East Hawai`i. A few years ago, he built a wood mill and kilns and started milling local woods. He started using koa, mango, eucalyptus, ohia, milo and sugi pine in his LEARN MORE >>

Laceby, Joe

Joe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. He describes his artistic growth and chosen process: “Born in the shadow of Tulsa OK, 1970. Farm boy by nature but grew up the king of dirt ball wars. My interest in art LEARN MORE >>

Lambert, Jeka

To Jeka beading is a spiritual practice. The process of stitching each tiny bead is itself a form of meditation. She approaches her work very intuitively. Starting with an idea, Jeka makes some of the component pieces she thinks are needed to execute that idea. She LEARN MORE >>

Landau, Jessica

Jessica was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and raised mostly in rural South Carolina. Her artistic ventures have included completing her BFA in 2D Fine Arts at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, exhibiting in galleries nationwide, and LEARN MORE >>

G. Brad Lewis

Lewis, G. Brad

G. Brad Lewis is a world-renowned volcano and nature photographer. His images have been featured on the covers of Life, National Geographic, Natural History, Nature's Best, Terra, Geo, and dozens of other publications, as well as accompanying articles in many LEARN MORE >>

Ley, Rachelle

Born and raised on the island of Hawai`i, photographer Rachelle Ley of Hana Punahele Images spent her childhood days playing in the native forest of Volcano to swimming in the serene tide pools of Kapoho. At a young age she was taught a deep respect the land. As an LEARN MORE >>


Loebel-Fried, Caren

Caren Loebel-Fried has long been fascinated by cultures living “at one” with nature, and the kinship between people and nature that for most of human history served to sustain people as well as their animal and plant resources.” Her art is inspired by the natural LEARN MORE >>

Long, Kathy

Since 1982, Kathy Long has called the Big Island “home” once again. Daughter of the well-known artist Mary Koski, she lived in Hilo until she was eight, when her family moved to the U.S. Mainland and later to Europe. There she graduated from one of the oldest LEARN MORE >>

Lovell, James Jr.

James Lovell, whose mother is the granddaughter of Colonel Richardson of Queen Liliu‘okalani’s court, describes himself as “hapa haole” (part white, part Hawaiian). He is a graduate of Punahou High School and the University of Hawai`i on O`ahu and is a former police LEARN MORE >>


Lynch, Matrgaret

Originally from Oregon, Margaret Lynch began dividing her time between Hawai`i and fishing in Alaska in 1973. She did that until 1989, when she decided not to go back to Alaska again, and settled on O`ahu. A friend invited Margaret to visit the Fort Shafter Craft LEARN MORE >>

Mares, Leopoldo

Leopoldo Mares began his artistic career as a young student of Fine Arts in Fairbanks, Alaska. His first carvings included Pacific North West Coast Indian Art. Mares earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Being Hispanic in decent LEARN MORE >>

Matsushita, John

My primary medium is encaustics. I happened upon encaustics about 15 years ago when I became bored with waiting for my oil painting to dry and started stripping the wax from my surfboard. As I used a hairdryer to melt the wax off I noticed the dirt mixing in and LEARN MORE >>

Matthews, Huey

Hugh was born in Indiana and raised and educated in the Indiana/Michigan area where he met his future wife Jacqueline. Eventually the warmer climate of the southwest won out the Midwestern winters and he gave up his construction business for a power company in LEARN MORE >>

McCall, Claudia

Claudia has lived on the Big Island since 1964. She has memories of watching the eruptions of Kilauea as a child, and they still inspire her today. She started working in stained glass in 2006, when a friend gifted her with a piece. She loved the way the sunlight LEARN MORE >>

McCann, Mika

Self-taught artist Mika McCann has explored fiber arts since she was a child. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Mika mastered in formal Japanese flower arrangement, a tradition she carries into her fiber art. Mika’s work, which she strives to keep simple, ranges from LEARN MORE >>

McClure, Frank

In 1968, when he was thirteen, Frank McClure’s family moved to Kailua, O`ahu. Since they lived only two blocks from the beach, his life revolved around surfing, diving, and fishing. After finishing school, he moved to Kaua`i in 1975 to find less crowded waves. LEARN MORE >>


McCormick, Victoria

When Victoria was eight her mother let her use the family‘s Brownie camera to photograph the many animals on the farm where they lived. By following her favorite animals to take their pictures she learned to work with animals and the joy of capturing their behaviors LEARN MORE >>

IMG_0619 (Edited)

Mead, Clytie

Clytie Mead has been painting in watercolor since she was a child. Her parents had an architectural rendering studio in their home, where they worked in watercolor. She was often given an old brush and some paint and paper to keep her occupied. She grew from then to LEARN MORE >>


Medina, Jacob

Born on the Day of the Dead in Houston, Texas, Jacob Medina is an artist of Mexican descent living on the Big Island of Hawaii. After serving in the military with stints to Macedonia, Kosovo, and Germany he received his BA in Art from the University of Hawaii at LEARN MORE >>

Heather Mettler

Mettler, Heather

I've spent most of my life on the Big Island of Hawaii, growing up here, and eventually graduating from the University of Hawaii. Glass has been my primary medium for over 20 years, an interest I took to as a teenager, frst learning sandblasting skills while LEARN MORE >>

Meyers, Charlene

Charlene Meyers has lived in Volcano on the island of Hawai`i, since 2001. Her first visit to Hawai`i was in 1975 and a love of the island began at that time. She is a retired caterer, who has always enjoyed photography. Retirement has allowed the time to photograph LEARN MORE >>

Liz Miller

Miller, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Miller found her artistic voice by connecting with the primal forces and elemental forms of nature and an inner passion for preserving native animals, birds and plants when she moved to Volcano in 2004. Born in rural Iowa, she enrolled at Iowa State LEARN MORE >>

Miller, Rosemary

Rosemary grew up in Washington D.C. and worked at the National Gallery of Art. She studied painting and art history at the American University, George Washington University and the University of Miami. Before moving to Hawaii in 1993, she lived in Miami, Florida LEARN MORE >>

Mitchell, Scott

“I was born and educated in Ohio before relocating to California. I maintain residency both in Eureka, California and Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii. “After retiring from a career in education and public health I became interested in jewelry making. LEARN MORE >>


Moe, Daniel

Daniel Moe was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1967 where he received his bachelor’s degree in Hot Glass from The University of Wisconsin in 1991. Being drawn by a powerful calling from the Big Island of Hawai`i in 1999 was a key factor to further expand his LEARN MORE >>

Moran, Lucinda

I have been creating jewelry for over 30 years, selling my pieces in fine galleries and stores, on my website, and in catalogs. I fabricate and cast in sterling and fine silver, often adding karat golds, as well as precious and semiprecious stones. I enjoy LEARN MORE >>

Mike Mortara

Mortara, Michael

Michael Mortara was born in Honolulu and earned a degree in architecture at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa where he minored in fine art, studying glass under Rick Mills. Michael has been blowing glass full time since 1986. Prior to that, he was teaching and LEARN MORE >>

Mortensen, Karen

Karen Mortensen exhibited a profound interest in creating fine art from an early age. She was born into an artistic family in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied fine art at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles before moving from Santa Barbara, California to the Big LEARN MORE >>

Moses, Laura

Laura moved here permanently in 2001. Self-taught, her early influences were the textiles and scents of Hawaii. Her work is basically fabric collage. Large and small textile potpourri scented wall hanging cards are created by sewing layers of fabrics which feature a LEARN MORE >>

Roger Moses

Moses, Roger

“My work is driven by low light. Through the restoration of church windows and watching the light through the panels at dusk, I have been shown that there is an active meditation in viewing windows. The lead work, or structure, falls away, separating the colors LEARN MORE >>

Murray, Aidan

Aidan Murray was born in 2001 in Massachusetts outside of Boston.  After living there for 12 years, he moved with his family to Kailua-Kona, on the big island of Hawai’i. Currently, Aidan attends Oak Meadow High School, a learning distance private school.  It was LEARN MORE >>

Mydock, John

Visionary wood lathe artist John Mydock grew up in Miami with a woodworker, boat-builder God-father; “I was exposed to excellence and attention to detail that continues to challenge me as I strive to improve my craft. My love of working with wood, combined with 40 LEARN MORE >>

Gwendolyn OConnor

O’Connor, Gwendolyn

Internationally renown for her Award Winning Watercolour on Silk, Gwendolyn O'Connor's Art is proudly exhibited in Public and Private Collections in over 15 Countries and 33 of the United States. Raised in the Islands, Gwendolyn is a resident of the Ola’a district LEARN MORE >>

O’Daugherty, Stone

There is no heat or solder used in Stone O’Daugherty’s jewelry. Instead, Stone concentrates on fusing contemporary designs with olde-world, cold connection techniques and draws upon a background of gemology, mineralogy, geology, and silver-smithing. Primarily LEARN MORE >>

Processed with VSCO

Ojiri, Reyn

My paintings are inspired by the beauty of Hawaiian flora and fauna. One of the benefits of living on Hawai`i Island is the ability to travel from mountain to ocean, and rain forest to desert with ease. My painting subjects are the result of my explorations of these LEARN MORE >>

Omori, Lorna

These lei po`o (hatbands) and kupe`e (scrunchies) are based on the traditional Hawaiian haku. Each one is made of pellon, a synthetic fiber made mostly of durable polyester. The materials is cut into strips, then the flower and leaf shapes are die-cut and dyed LEARN MORE >>

Ono, Ira

Ira Ono grew up in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from the prestigious High School of Performing Arts with a major in dance. He earned a BFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia and then received a Max Beckman scholarship to LEARN MORE >>

Orme, Harinani

Honolulu-born Harinani Orme is truly following her ancestral path. She was adopted in infancy and always felt she was Hawaiian on some level. When she moved back to Hawai`i from the mainland in 2004, she felt a deep need to find her roots. Her search for her LEARN MORE >>

Paul, Gregory

Gregory Paul has been fascinated by the process of discovering and revealing the forms hidden within natural matter since his early childhood in the Redwoods of Northern California. During his art school days at San Jose State in the mid-90’s, Gregory began LEARN MORE >>

Pat Pearlman

Pearlman, Pat

Pat Pearlman has been designing and creating jewelry since 1967. For over 30 years she carved miniature sculpture in wax for casting into silver and gold, accented with stones and beads. Her jewelry medium is now gemstones, using minimal metals. Still a painter and LEARN MORE >>

Penney-Rohner, Vicki

Vicki Penney-Rohner has lived in Hawai`i for 26 years and studied art in Europe, the U.S. mainland and Hawai`i. Her mediums of choice are soft pastels and oils. Vicki’s work has won numerous awards in juried shows both locally and nationally over the last two LEARN MORE >>

Peterson, Linda

I have loved drawing and the idea of becoming an artist since I was a child growing up in Southern California. I am a self-taught artist enhanced by many workshops given by a variety of accomplished artists over the last 40 years. I first moved to Hawaii in 1974 and LEARN MORE >>

Peterson, Skye

Born and raised on the East Coast, Skye came west nearly thirty years ago. He lived on windward O`ahu for nine years, and then taught English in Japan for a few years before moving to Volcano over fifteen years ago. Skye is a builder by trade and does his carving by LEARN MORE >>

Pincus, Scott

My studio is located in the town of Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawai`i found just outside of Hawai`i National Park. I try hard to create captivating, original sterling silver designs that speak both to me and to others about beauty, and the agelessness of the LEARN MORE >>

Policicchio, Perry

Perry Policicchio has been working with wood since junior high in Dearbom, Michigan. He got straight A’s in shop and was promoted to Shop Assistant in high school. He then began an entrepreneurial career, opening his own bakery right after high school and running it LEARN MORE >>


Pro, Andrea

I make my home on the slope of Hualalai Mountain on a lovely five-acre coffee and macadamia nut farm in Kahalu’u, Kona on the island of Hawai’i. The land and its culture inspire in me a deep need to communicate my feelings and perceptions. Images arise from an LEARN MORE >>

Ray, Marcia

Marcia Ray, a fine art painter in the Islands since 1973, is known for her large scale murals. One of the most successful mural accomplishments can be seen at the Parker Ranch shopping center in Kamuela, Hawaii, 32 murals depicting the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) LEARN MORE >>

Ray, Margo

Margo Ray is a contemporary artist whose interdisciplinary practice includes collage, animation and installation. Her work explores print beyond the traditional matrix of 2-D printmaking into the realms of installation that incorporate various print processes. She LEARN MORE >>

Carter Reed

Reed, Carter

Originally from Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, Carter ran away from home over 40 years ago to attend the University and Hawai`i. His intent was to stay in Hawai`i a couple of years then return to Minnesota, where he could become a great and, of course, famous LEARN MORE >>

David Reisland

Reisland, David

David and his wife Doni have lived on the Big Island since 1999. A fifth generation carpenter, he has been creating furniture since 1986. Their son Matt mills the logs into lumber that they use to build their furniture. David has attended woodworking and LEARN MORE >>

Renchler, Diane

Vivid colors, evoking the Hawaiian landscape or interpretive painting, depicting the inner landscape are two aspects of the artistic creations of Big Island artist, Diane Renchler. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Diane‘s art career LEARN MORE >>

Riley, Mike

Mike moved to Volcano in 1972 and is a self-taught woodworker. His knowledge of local woods has come from hands-on experience developed over the past twenty-five years. He designs many of the pieces he builds, starting from a three-dimensional sketch to work out LEARN MORE >>

Catherine Robbins

Robbins, Catherine

Catherine Robbins’ bold and evocative oil paintings of Hawaiʻi’s volcanoes and plants reflect her view of a multidimensional and interconnected world. Her work is collected internationally and is represented by several galleries on Hawaiʻi Island. Robbins’ paintings LEARN MORE >>

Rokovitz, Daniel E.

“I was trained by my grandmother to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the beauty in women, and in the finer things in life. I was taught by my mother to notice the beauty in every person I meet. I was tutored by my father to see the beauty in the natural world LEARN MORE >>

Ross, Stephanie

Stephanie Ross has her art and teaching degrees from CCAC and University of Hawaii. She has emphasized color in her art with painting, enameling, and fabric, and taught for many years at Holy Nativity elementary school in Honolulu. Stephanie began working with LEARN MORE >>

Jeff Roth

Roth, Jeff

Jeff has a BFA from Washington University’s School of Fine Arts which naturally included courses in art history. It was his study of Asian art history with Dr. Nelson Wu that inspired Jeff to travel throughout Southeast Asia to see temples and shrines. While there, LEARN MORE >>

Rowley, Johannette

Art reaches out and touches us in many ways - it makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us think and question. We wonder at it, feel it, enjoy it and embrace it. We use it to remind us of our humanity, our connection to each other, our humor, our resiliency and LEARN MORE >>

San Miguel, Ralph

Ralph lives and works in East Hawaii, operating the Shibui Ceramic Studio. Shibui translates to mean "simple but elegant", and that can certainly be said of his work. His wish is that his vessels will become personal daily use items, touched and washed by human LEARN MORE >>

Sarasohn, Rachel Hope

Transplanted to Hawai`i in 1989, Rachel established a palm frond basket business, selling baskets at art galleries and craft shows until...a friend handed her a gourd. A completely new world, with almost unlimited possibilities for design and color, unfolded...and LEARN MORE >>

Scanlon, Robin

“I've been taking photographs for thirty years. I began working for a photography company in Waikiki - one of the first. We did black and white documentary photography for the hotels and travel organizations. “Proust said that ‘The only real voyage of discovery LEARN MORE >>

Claire Seastone

Seastone, Claire

Claire has been working with clay for 18 years making functional and sculptural work in porcelain and stoneware. She has taught and worked in various clay studios in Montana, Oregon, Italy, and Hawai`i. A deep love of the natural world is a major influence in her LEARN MORE >>


Seng-Bush, Virginia

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ginny Seng-Bush moved to Honolulu in 1971. She felt an affinity with the Volcano area from the first time she visited it in 1973 and vowed to live there one day. In 2000 she retired from her job as a civilian computer analyst for the LEARN MORE >>


Sewell, Tad

Tad Sewell, a bead collector since the age of twelve, was born on the mainland and transported to the Territory of Hawai`i in her early teens. She graduated from Punahou School and then majored in engineering and architecture at the University of Arizona. She LEARN MORE >>

Shafto, Tim and Tiffany

By combining Hawaiian Koa with woods from around the world, Big Island artisans Tim and Tiffany Shafto, ASID, create the beautiful contrasts that are the signature of DeEtte and Allen designs. Hawaiian Koa wood (Acacia Koa) is only found in the Hawaiian Islands LEARN MORE >>

Cathy Shine

Shine, Cathy

Photographing since 1974, Cathy has performed her own darkroom responsibilities, including film-development, printing, artistic editing and composition. Working exclusively in the medium of black and white, her efforts have achieved technical elegance demonstrating LEARN MORE >>

Shiroma, Randall

Randall Shiroma graduated with an MA & MFA in sculpture from San Jose State University. Randall has been commissioned for various projects on the mainland and Hawai`i, including two from the Hawai`i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Hilton Towers in LEARN MORE >>

Siegel, Stacey

Stacey began weaving seed beads and working with stained glass as a young woman in the late 70's. In the early 1980's her interest in glass piqued and became more intimate. Her desire was to be the creator, the alchemist. In the mid 80's Stacey began her LEARN MORE >>

Sizemore, Ginger

Originally from Colorado, Ginger Sizemore always wanted to be an artist. Her father was a wild life oil painter, her mother was blessed with many art and craft talents. When she was 6 years old, her father gave her a handful of seashells that he picked up in Hawaii LEARN MORE >>

Christina Skaggs 2

Skaggs, Christina

Christina Skaggs simultaneously grew up between the alternate universes of Queens and the rural tip of Long Island, where she cultivated an appreciation of opposites: one having good delis, and the other, old bones left buried in sand dunes. Before moving to the Big LEARN MORE >>

Smith, Arenzo R. Jr.

Arenzo has been a Big Island resident since 1991, moving here from Los Angeles, California. He was educated at The Philadelphia Museum College of Art from 1957 to 1962, where his major course of study was Interior Design, which included architectural concept and LEARN MORE >>

Smith, Gregg

Gregg developed an initial love of woodworking in junior high in Montana. He studied history and political science at the University of Montana and moved to Alaska. There, he met his wife and ended up working with his father-in-law building furniture and LEARN MORE >>

Smith, Michael P.

Michael’s interest in art began as a young boy growing up in Chicago. He attended the University of Cincinnati as an industrial design student but left after three years, discontented with the formality and lack of freedom the design business allowed. Michael moved LEARN MORE >>

Smith, Shelby

Shelby is a sculptor who uses all types of media to create works that stretch the use of/and potential of materials. His work has a fantastical and humorous quality that influences his reuse of many materials. His most recent series; P.A.R.T.S. involves both LEARN MORE >>

Stanton, Margaret Peggy

Margaret has immersed herself in the natural beauty and history of Hawai`i Island. During the 20 years that Margaret has lived in the Puna Rain Forest, she created colorful acrylic paintings that reflect the dynamic natural forces at work near Hawai`i’s active LEARN MORE >>

Stebbins, Kane

Kane Stebbins has been blowing, sculpting and shaping glass since 1997. After completing a two year apprenticeship with glass blower, Jason Pfohl, in 1999 he continued his study of the glass medium by attending several workshops with “Glassmasters” Sally Prasch, LEARN MORE >>

Stellanova, Tammy

Inspired by the etchings of Victorian naturalists, the exquisite drawings contained in each piece of Stellanova jewelry are all original pen, ink, and watercolor pieces by San Francisco artist Tammy Stellanova. The images are reduced and reproduced as tiny, LEARN MORE >>

Stenzel, Troy

  Troy has lived in Hawaii since 1986 and is a farmer and a tree cutter. Growing up in the Midwest enjoying fishing, farming and hunting, Troy has a lifelong passion for the outdoors and his love of nature and sustainability is reflected in his LEARN MORE >>

Ster, Joseph Boris

A resident of the Big Island of Hawaii, his life began in 1940 in Yugoslavia. He has also lived in Argentina and California. Joseph was a research chemist for a major company until he decided to devote all of his time to art. He began by designing jewelry and metal LEARN MORE >>

Linda Stevens

Stevens, Linda Rowell

Formerly known as a doll maker, Linda Stevens is now recognized for her reverential paintings of Hawaiian themes. Most of her paintings are inspired by her love of Hawaiian myths, legends, and of the land itself. In 2003, her “Pele” was honored as one of the LEARN MORE >>

Stewart, Michael

Michael Stewart has lived in the islands since 1991. He relocated from San Jose, California to explore the clear blue reefs of Hawai‘i as a PADI scuba instructor and was immediately captivated by his surroundings and began to document what he saw through the camera LEARN MORE >>

Stokes, Jamie

There’s an undeniable impatience I feel as an artist. Time spent working intensively in clay over the past six years has shaped and changed me as a person. While clay challenges my demand to have ideas come to life quickly, jewelry satisfies both my long and LEARN MORE >>

Sudler, Jonathan

Jonathan Sudler has a BFA in sculpture from Alfred University in New York and an MFA in sculpture from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. He has been a corporate event planner for 20 years and is currently the Art Director for Nahu Creative, a Volcano-based LEARN MORE >>

Sumiye, Laurie

Laurie Sumiye Studio is a design studio owned and operated by Hawaiʻi eco artist and filmmaker Laurie Sumiye, based in Mililani, Hawaiʻi on Oahu. The studio designs stationary, homewares and apparel which feature Laurieʻs bold, colorful drawings of Native LEARN MORE >>

Susan Litteral

Susan Litteral grew up in Southern California surrounded by art, crafts and nature.  She credits her mother for her deep appreciation of native ecosystems and her enjoyment of the arts.  She credits her father for instilling in her “a can-do approach to LEARN MORE >>

Wang headshot

Suzanne Wang

 Born in Taiwan and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Suzanne’s love for travel, culture, and artistic expression has taken her on many adventures.  Although she developed a passion for ceramics as a teenager, by the time she was twenty she was pursuing scene LEARN MORE >>

Szegedy, Esther

Esther Szegedy was born in Toronto, Canada to Hungarian parents and began her first days of school not knowing a word of English. Her parents had moved from Europe to Canada after being in a refugee camp in Great Britain. Needless to say, she knew what it was like as LEARN MORE >>

Tarallo, Lucia

Research historian, lecturer, author, and artist, Lucia Tarallo has designed, mounted and curated more than 150 fine art exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally.  Together with her daughter, Natalie Mahina, she wrote the award-winning Daughters of LEARN MORE >>

Taruni, Jessica

Born in Europe, Jessica grew up traveling the world with her adventurous parents. Her grandfather in Prague was a patron of the arts and his collection inspired her at an early age to become an artist. She credits Ken Dixon with being her most influential teacher LEARN MORE >>

Taylor, Kiwala’o Hollis

An `olapa (daner) and ho`opa`a (drummer/chanter) with Halau o Kekuhi for 25 years. She was given her Hawaiian name in 1975 by her first Kumu Hula Aunty Edith Kanaka`ole. In January 2007, Kiwala`o was elevated to Kumu Hula in an ancient “uniki” LEARN MORE >>

The Lake Family

Tai Lake is a master woodworker known far and wide for his artfully designed furniture and sculptures; 
Mary Jo Lake holds the fort together and is wild about fused glass; and son Jonah Lake is the full-time assistant in the woodshop while banging out endless LEARN MORE >>

Tidmarsh, Dominic

Born in Trinidad, in the Caribbean, Dominic Tidmarsh was educated in the U.K. then earned a B.F.A. in Photography from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. Since first visiting Hawaii in 1986, his muse has been Mauna Kea. From that first moment atop the LEARN MORE >>

Tigner, Philip

“I am originally from Michigan, where I had worked in a printing company for 15 years, and then opened my own New Age coffee/book store. I then moved to Pahoa, Hawai’i in lower Puna.” Pele’s Glass Creations began with a Puna artist, David Karl, who recently LEARN MORE >>

Tomono, Lonny

Lonny Tomono studied fine arts at UH, Manoa, then sculpture at SFSU and San Jose State University. He expanded his knowledge while working with Japanese Temple carver Makoto Imai, then moved to Japan and apprenticed for ve years with Imai’s teacher, a fth generation LEARN MORE >>

Torrez, Ivy and Tim Johnson (Small Scale Magic)

“We reside in the beautiful state of Hawai`i and continually gather inspiration from our wild surroundings. You'll see many local scenes in our jewelry, such as Rainbow Falls located in Hilo, Akaka Falls, located just up the coast in Honomu, the black lava cliffs of LEARN MORE >>


Tunison, Jesse

Jesse Tunison is a photographer, director, and producer residing on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Born on July 6th 1991 in California, Jesse’s parents decided to bring him up in Volcano, Hawai`i, where he was to be surrounded by artists in one of the most artistic LEARN MORE >>

Van Cleave, Timothy

Timothy Van Cleave was born and raised in Hawai`i. He got his start in wood turning when his high school shop teacher introduced him to Jack Straka, one of Hawai`i’s master woodturners who has now retired. After high school, active duty with the Navy Seabees took LEARN MORE >>

Dan Van Zyle

Van Zyle, Daniel

Daniel is almost alone in his mastery of the demanding technique of stone lithography.  Virtually no other artists currently working are able to achieve anything near his subtlety of color and fine detail in stone lithography.  One critic observed that Daniel's work LEARN MORE >>

Varez 05 pix

Varez, Dietrich

In an era in which the fine arts and crafts have become a big business, Dietrich Varez remained an outstanding exception. Dietrich came to Hawai‘i at age 8, when his mother married his stepfather Manuel Varez. After the war-torn Germany he’d known, it was love at LEARN MORE >>

Von App, John

John App‘s work is handmade at his home workshop in Milolii, Hawaii. It is his goal to show the fabulous wood of Hawaii in the most exciting manner so that all can enjoy its beauty and unique characteristics. John feels this memorializes the soul of the wood created LEARN MORE >>

Wakumoto, Candice

Born in Hawai`i "with a pencil in my hand", Candice's background is as a graphic designer, so it's not surprising that all of her jewelry pieces start out with a sketch. "I have to draw everything exactly how I want it, and then when I fabricate I have to exactly LEARN MORE >>

Linda S Watson

Watson, Linda

BIOGRAPHY Linda S.Watson was born in San Mateo, California and has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area almost all of her life. She is a painter and mixed media artist currently working and living in the Puna district of the Big Island. She studied Fine LEARN MORE >>

Weiss, Robert

Robert Weiss has almost 40 years of experience as a professional artist in the commercial and fine art fields. “As early as I can remember I wanted to be an artist. My grandparents were painters and ceramic artists; my father was a writer and journalist, so my LEARN MORE >>

Weymouth, Fleur

Fleur Weymouth has been photography editor of Helicon Nine magazine from 1982 to the present. She has been exhibiting her paintings and photographs since 1959. Recent one-woman shows include the Morris Gallery in New York City; the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, LEARN MORE >>

Wilkinson, Alan

Alan Wilkinson was born in Glendale, California in 1943 and moved to Hawai`i in 1962. He attended college at UH-Manoa with interests in sculpture and Asian art history. He began Wilkinson Koa Furniture in 1968. Wilkinson works in all woods although clients LEARN MORE >>

Wold, Erik

After graduating from Leilehua High School in 1987 Erik spent a year of intensive labor picking pineapple in the fields of central Oahu. Subsequently motivated to stimulate himself with further academic study, he enrolled at Leeward Community College where he soon LEARN MORE >>

Carol at Kaloko fishpond

Wyban, Carol

As a child, Carol Wyban was inspired by books and illustrations.  At the University of Hawaii, she studied psychology, Fine Art and Dance.  Her studies and life changed when she met and married a fish biologist in the completion phase of his PhD. Unemployed with LEARN MORE >>

Yamanoha, Glenn

Glenn Yamanoha attended Kyoto University of the Arts (woodblock printing, Monbusho grant), Osaka University of Foreign Studies (Japanese), and graduated from University of Washington (BFA Painting, Honors,). He exhibited professionally since 1985 in Hawai’i, the LEARN MORE >>

Yamasawa, Wilfred

Wilfred Yamasawa was born in Honaunau, Kona on Hawai‘i Island and was raised on a coffee farm there. He received BFA and MFA degrees in sculpture at the University of Hawai‘i, Manoa, began working in glass in 1977, and started his own studio in 1980. It is located LEARN MORE >>

Yim, Jody (Specialty Papers)

Specialty Papers reflect the essence of Hawai'i in handmade papers. Our unique papers are created in Hawai'i by combining recycled everyday paper and locally-found elements. The sheets are naturally dried in the Hawaiian sun, then fashioned into notecards, photo LEARN MORE >>