Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Keith Beardsley

Beardsley, Keith

About the artist... Keith Beardsley was born in Portland, Oregon but has lived in Hawai‘i since he was two. Keith’s grandfather, a carpenter who made a bandsaw for him, was a key to his interest in woodworking. Keith began doing serious woodworking in 1985. Like LEARN MORE >>


Chavez, Gayle

Born and raised in Southern California, I relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1988. In 1989 a business partner and I co-created a pottery manufacturing company called Rift Zone Ceramics. Glazing and decorating low-fire Raku ware sparked my initial interest in LEARN MORE >>

Ching, Brenda May

My jewelry is made from sterling silver sheet and wire. I manipulate them into forms by sawing, hammering, forging, soldering, fusing, etching, using a hydraulic press and stakes, and more. Stones or finds of various materials are sometimes included. Using a Korean LEARN MORE >>

Jelena Clay

Clay, Jelena

Jelena clay is a mixed media artist that resides in Hilo on the Island of Hawaii. She is the daughter of Serbian emigrants and was raised in Saratoga, California. At 20 years old she relocated to the islands and has called it home since. Jelena works primarily with LEARN MORE >>

Datlof, Erin

Erin Datlof's art brings science, nature, and jewelry together using stylized designs of endemic and indigenous species to showcase the Hawaiian flora and fauna. This helps to interpret the park environment through inspirational koa wood line art. “Hopefully my LEARN MORE >>

Marian Fieldson

Fieldson, Marian

Marian has been doing glass lampwork since 1981, studying at the famed Pilchick School with Ginny Ruffner and Bandhu Dunham. She did lampworking for gift stores in California, developing a line of signature figures. In Hawai‘i, she owned and operated retail kiosks LEARN MORE >>

Flanders, Amy

I have been making jewelry for about fifteen years. I started working in Santa Fe, New Mexico finishing jewelry and soon learned lapidary; the art of cutting and polishing stones. As a stonecutter, I have this crazy ambition to cut and polish anything; so I will LEARN MORE >>

Lynne Gustavson

Gustavson, Lynne

Lynne Gustavson creates her one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry to match the colors, textures and moods of beautiful Hawai’i. Her unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings are hand crafted of a variety of semi-precious stones, and represent the beautiful rain forests, LEARN MORE >>

Greg Henkel

Henkel, Greg (Stoneface)

Stoneface Hawaii is a family run, art/manufacturing business that has been creating original products from their home studio in Kalapana for over twenty years. Using a Sandblast cabinet, the Henkel ohana carves original images on Stone, Glass, and Tile. Products LEARN MORE >>

Keeth, Wayne

Wayne’s love for flowers was encouraged from birth by his paternal grandmother Viola Goodwin Keeth. Her yard was always full of flowering succulents and exotic cacti with exquisite blooms. “Every time we visited her from as early as I can remember she would send me LEARN MORE >>

Lambert, Jeka

To Jeka beading is a spiritual practice. The process of stitching each tiny bead is itself a form of meditation. She approaches her work very intuitively. Starting with an idea, Jeka makes some of the component pieces she thinks are needed to execute that idea. She LEARN MORE >>

Landau, Jessica

Jessica was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and raised mostly in rural South Carolina. Her artistic ventures have included completing her BFA in 2D Fine Arts at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, exhibiting in galleries nationwide, and LEARN MORE >>

Mitchell, Scott

“I was born and educated in Ohio before relocating to California. I maintain residency both in Eureka, California and Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii. “After retiring from a career in education and public health I became interested in jewelry making. LEARN MORE >>

Moran, Lucinda

I have been creating jewelry for over 30 years, selling my pieces in fine galleries and stores, on my website, and in catalogs. I fabricate and cast in sterling and fine silver, often adding karat golds, as well as precious and semiprecious stones. I enjoy LEARN MORE >>

Mike Mortara

Mortara, Michael

Michael Mortara was born in Honolulu and earned a degree in architecture at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa where he minored in fine art, studying glass under Rick Mills. Michael has been blowing glass full time since 1986. Prior to that, he was teaching and LEARN MORE >>

O’Daugherty, Stone

There is no heat or solder used in Stone O’Daugherty’s jewelry. Instead, Stone concentrates on fusing contemporary designs with olde-world, cold connection techniques and draws upon a background of gemology, mineralogy, geology, and silver-smithing. Primarily LEARN MORE >>

Pat Pearlman

Pearlman, Pat

Pat Pearlman has been designing and creating jewelry since 1967. For over 30 years she carved miniature sculpture in wax for casting into silver and gold, accented with stones and beads. Her jewelry medium is now gemstones, using minimal metals. Still a painter and LEARN MORE >>

Pincus, Scott

My studio is located in the town of Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawai`i found just outside of Hawai`i National Park. I try hard to create captivating, original sterling silver designs that speak both to me and to others about beauty, and the agelessness of the LEARN MORE >>

Rokovitz, Daniel E.

“I was trained by my grandmother to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the beauty in women, and in the finer things in life. I was taught by my mother to notice the beauty in every person I meet. I was tutored by my father to see the beauty in the natural world LEARN MORE >>


Sewell, Tad

Tad Sewell, a bead collector since the age of twelve, was born on the mainland and transported to the Territory of Hawai`i in her early teens. She graduated from Punahou School and then majored in engineering and architecture at the University of Arizona. She LEARN MORE >>

Siegel, Stacey

Stacey began weaving seed beads and working with stained glass as a young woman in the late 70's. In the early 1980's her interest in glass piqued and became more intimate. Her desire was to be the creator, the alchemist. In the mid 80's Stacey began her LEARN MORE >>

Sizemore, Ginger

Originally from Colorado, Ginger Sizemore always wanted to be an artist. Her father was a wild life oil painter, her mother was blessed with many art and craft talents. When she was 6 years old, her father gave her a handful of seashells that he picked up in Hawaii LEARN MORE >>

Stebbins, Kane

Kane Stebbins has been blowing, sculpting and shaping glass since 1997. After completing a two year apprenticeship with glass blower, Jason Pfohl, in 1999 he continued his study of the glass medium by attending several workshops with “Glassmasters” Sally Prasch, LEARN MORE >>

Stellanova, Tammy

Inspired by the etchings of Victorian naturalists, the exquisite drawings contained in each piece of Stellanova jewelry are all original pen, ink, and watercolor pieces by San Francisco artist Tammy Stellanova. The images are reduced and reproduced as tiny, LEARN MORE >>

Stokes, Jamie

There’s an undeniable impatience I feel as an artist. Time spent working intensively in clay over the past six years has shaped and changed me as a person. While clay challenges my demand to have ideas come to life quickly, jewelry satisfies both my long and LEARN MORE >>

Torrez, Ivy and Tim Johnson (Small Scale Magic)

“We reside in the beautiful state of Hawai`i and continually gather inspiration from our wild surroundings. You'll see many local scenes in our jewelry, such as Rainbow Falls located in Hilo, Akaka Falls, located just up the coast in Honomu, the black lava cliffs of LEARN MORE >>

Wakumoto, Candice

Born in Hawai`i "with a pencil in my hand", Candice's background is as a graphic designer, so it's not surprising that all of her jewelry pieces start out with a sketch. "I have to draw everything exactly how I want it, and then when I fabricate I have to exactly LEARN MORE >>