Wilson-Markley, Tim and Brandy


Bright colors and whimsical forms inspired by nature are the hallmarks of the glass artwork created by husband and wife duo Brandy Markley and Tim Wilson.

Tim is an accomplished glass artist, metal sculptor, and jeweler who uses his skill and talent to create realistic wildlife sculptures, lights, and jewelry. “There is something mesmerizing about glass. The color qualities depth and light play make glass a very special medium. Add fire and you have an art form that is exhilarating and alive.” Regarding inspiration, “I feel honored to be in the presence of the subjects that I love so much and to be able to represent them with my art.”

Brandy also brings her love of nature into her stained glass, watercolor painting, and jewelry designs. She is a bird lover and naturalist who enjoys expressing herself through these mediums. Art and design became a form of therapy for Brandy as she navigated her healing from brain surgery and conditions related to Chiari. “My art is inspired by nature and the joy that it brings me. I love to learn about the world around me and express that love through my skills as an artist.”

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