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Free Forest Tours

Every Monday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m, learn about rare native Hawaiian rain forests, and specifically Niaulani rain forest, in VAC’s guided rain forest tour. Visitors learn about Niaulani’s ecological importance as one of Kilauea’s last old-growth koa and ‘ōhi’a rain forests, VAC’s role in its protection and restoration, the continual threats to its integrity, how Hawaiian plant and animal species have closely evolved with one another, how native species have evolved to be different from their colonizing ancestors, and ethnobotanical uses of Hawaiian flora.

These hour-long walks take place rain or shine along an easy, gravel trail. Reservations are not required but are appreciated for groups of five or more. Be prepared for rain.

Partial funding for the Niaulani Forest Tours provided by Hawai‘i Tourism Authority through the Community Enrichment Program.

Donations are warmly appreciated, as they help VAC’s rain forest restoration and education efforts.

Custom Rain Forest Tours

Learn about Niaulani and Hawaiian rain forest ecology, ethnobotany, sustainable use, island watersheds, plant identification and more during tours any day of the week and in accordance to individual or groups’ needs. The suggested donation is $5/person/45 minutes, $7/person/hour. Content matter is appropriate for ages 6 and older. Group sizes larger than 20 people will be split to ensure a more comfortable tour. Maximum group size is 30 people. Wear attire that is appropriate for potentially wet weather. To guarantee your tour, please book your tour one week in advance.

Forest Restoration Activities

This hands-on, experiential learning and forest stewardship offering begins with an informative, hour-long tour which then leads into various invasive species removal tasks that are tailored to suit the age and learning requirements for community and/or school groups as well as families. The time allotted for these activities is three hours. The suggested donation is $4/person, with a minimum of $20. Content matter and work load is appropriate for ages 6 and older. Maximum group size is 20 individuals. Please book no less than one month in advance. Wear closed toe shoes, attire suited for wet weather, and bring work gloves.

To download the free trail companion, plant guide, cross-word puzzle, and treasure hunt, click here.


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