DeMent, Bill

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Whether working in native woods, brass, copper, or silver Bill DeMent begins with beauty and craft. A true craftsperson, Bill engraves metal bracelets and earrings with intricate carvings embodying the plant patterns of ulu, lehua, and hala. He seamlessly melds local woods such as Milo, Kou, and Koa into uniquely natural rings with striations of yellow, chocolate, and silver.

Bill was born in Bremerton Washington and moved to Kodiak Alaska at age 3. At age 5 he moved to Guam and then to Oahu at age 26. He studied art, jewelry making, and engineering. 32 years ago Bill arrived in Hilo where he set up his woodcraft and metal jewelry studio. He is a gemologist, jeweler and hand engraver. His hobbies are hiking, ukulele, and woodworking, and his favorite tools are the bandsaw and lathe.

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