Bradley, Eduardo

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For Eduaro, art provides balance. It fulfills an insatiable desire to create; it quenches a thirst for meditative focus.

In the artistic process, he is both lost and found.

Eduardo began developing his talent for art at a young age, encouraged by family, friends, and teachers. Inspired now by elemental forces, he has gone in his own direction, portraying natural beauty with his own vivid and slightly surreal vision.

Edu plays his art in many forms — from murals to fine paintings. He has worked as an apprentice to masters in the field, and has spent time exploring amazing places — mountains, deserts, forests – using a variety of influences to inform his unique perspective.

Since 2003, Edu has spent much of his time on the Big Island of Hawai’i, living in the shadow of Kilauea — a volcano known for its splattering lava cones, volcanic fog and earthquakes — and in the presence of the Goddess Pele, who fuels his creative fires and offers nourishment in the form of mana, ’ohana and the ʻāina.

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