Fickinger, Heidi

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Capturing the incredible beauty of the natural landscape and native species, Heidi Fickinger strives to educate about the great and urgent need to preserve wild areas. Heidi Fickinger has been honing her photography skills for over 15 years.

“Growing up on the edge of the Teton Wilderness outside of Jackson Hole Wyoming,
as both my playground and my classroom, I spent my childhood and early adult years surrounded and immersed
in these wild areas.

While at Utah State University in Logan Utah, I studied sculpture, intaglio printing, and
traditional lithography through the use of rare Italian limestone tablets. While at the University I traded my ‘67
Chevy Impala for my first film camera, a Canon. As soon as I started using the camera, I knew it would become my
medium of choice for artistic expression. While studying at San Diego State, I realized that I had a passion for large-format black-and-white film
photography.  I began to exhibit my black and white prints in group shows such as the
Agora Gallery in New York City, as well as other venues in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and elsewhere.

Eventually, I moved to Hawai’i.  My passion has become more urgent, and my
focus now is to bring attention to the incredible beauty of our natural environments, the species that live within
them, and the urgency in protecting and healing these areas. “

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