Hashi, Jan

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“From the soul,” is how Kauai artist and gallery owner, Jan Hashi describes her loose and impressionistic painting style. Growing up in Arizona she had a lot of influential exposure to
wonderful artists. With the world-class galleries of Scottsdale and Sedona close by the inspiration was always close at hand. 

She was taught by an influential art instructor named Lu Bellamak.  Lu encouraged Jan to paint “big, loose, and from the soul.” At the heart of Jan’s style is an adventurous, 
almost curious, desire to experiment and try new things. The fact that Jan’s art mediums include oil, acrylic, watercolor resin and encaustics as well as her versatility between abstract, impressionistic, and realism are testimony to the style that is uniquely Jan’s.

Since moving to Kauai in 2011 many of Jan’s dreams have been realized. Living in a lush, beautiful, and quiet valley in Lawai, Jan and husband, Steve, converted an old barn into the perfect art studio/workout deck/sauna. Being surrounded by the world-class natural beauty of the island whether it be pristine Polihale, the breathtaking views of Kōkeʻe or simply viewing the valley behind her house, Jan has learned to capture these feelings for her many collectors. As her teacher Lu had encouraged, Jan is living her life “big and from the soul”.

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