Kaikua’ana ‘ekolu, Daughters Three by Gwendolyn O’Connor


Kaikua’ana ‘ekolu, Daughters Three, print by Gwendolyn O’Connor

Matted & Mounted using Museum grade materials, the outer Matt edges measure 16 by 19 inches ( 40.6 by 48.3 cm). Image size approximately 12.5 by 15 inches ( 32 by 38cm )

This Fine Art Archival Giclee’ was created by the Artist Gwendolyn O’Connor in Ola’a, Hawai’i.


Kaikua’ana ‘ekolu, Daughters Three, print by Gwendolyn O’Connor

An ‘Apapane (C.sanginea), joyfully flashes her white vent,
resting on a Koki’o Kea (M. h. waimeae) branch. Above her
hangs a glorious Shower Vine. (v. menziesii), swaying in the
Tropical breeze. An I’iwi (V.coccinea) sings with her, and a
yellow-breasted Palila (L. baileui) joins in the chorus.
As the delicate blossoms of the mighty Koa tree (A. koa)
release their gentle fragrances, and a brave ‘Ohelo berry
(V. calycinum) reaches for the Sun. The White Orchids are
traditional symbols of Marriage, gracefully
blending their beauty into this Endemic Hawaiian scene.
A glimpse of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in the distance are
symbols of the Timelessness of Enduring Love.

Learn more about Gwendolyn and her artistic process here.
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