Koa by Andrea Pro


Limited edition woodcut block print by Andrea Pro
Number of prints in edition: 16
Dimensions: 11.75 x 11.75, unframed, mounted on foam core

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“One of the largest trees in the forest, Koa wood was used in the old days for canoes, weapons, and other implements requiring hard wood. The close grain and straight trunk made Koa the ideal choice of wood for the hard years of service in salt water that a canoe must tolerate. To the Hawaiian people, who relied on fish as a source of protein, the Koa was a treasured tree. Koa has two types of leaves. Seedlings sprout stems with rows of rounded leaves, and as the sapling matures the typical sickle-shaped leaves evolve.” – Andrea Pro

Printed on Hosho Japanese paper with deckle edges

You can learn more about Andrea Pro on her bio page here.

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