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I live on the slope of Huālalai Mountain on a lovely five-acre coffee and macadamia nut farm in Kahalu`u, Kona on the island of Hawai`i. I am inspired to share the beauty and essence of Hawaiʻi nei through my art. I often volunteer with conservation organizations planting native trees on reforestation projects. By hiking and working in the forests, I learn about native birds, insects, plants, and their relationships within these ecosystems. The knowledge of island botanists and biologists helps me convey the essence of life in the most pristine and rare Hawai`ian forests. Once I do the research, it’s all about inspiration. I follow the thread of an idea in a search to understand what it is that intrigues me. This begins a journey of dreams, unexpected insights, and dawning clarity as the story and image reveal itself. After this magical and creative process, I enter into the structured and earthy process that is woodcut printmaking. Unlocking the mysteries embedded in the grain of wood, making marks with chisels, and grappling with the puzzle of the image reversing when transferred from wood to paper satisfies my intellect, soul, and hands in a joyful way. My prints are made one at a time by hand, using both Japanese and Western printmaking techniques, and are printed on archival papers in limited editions.

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