Pali Platter Series #6, Ohai Platter with Koa Stiches by Aaron Hammer


Pali Platter Series #6Ohai wood Platter with Koa wood stiches and a steel stand by Aaron Hammer

45 x 45 x 6

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Limited Edition Platter, #6 by Aaron Hammer

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“One morning in 2013 I received a phone call from a friend who told me he wanted to drop off a few logs. He had been driving over the Pali Hwy. on Oahu with his father who owned a large boom truck and saw several huge Ohai trees being cut down. I opened the gate to our property and saw them arrive with the largest logs I’d ever seen, I panicked. He assured me that it would be OK and a few days later he showed up with a 6’ chainsaw mill. We cut the slabs to make a series of large platters. The piece of wood to make this platter weighed over 700 lbs. This series challenged me thoroughly at every stage.”  -Aaron Hammer

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