Deterministic Non-Periodic Flow, Sculpture by Stephen Freedman


Deterministic Non-Periodic Flowsculpture by Stephen Freedman

Please contact VAC gallery at (808) 967-7565 to receive a quote for delivery or shipping. If delivery off of Hawai’i Island this work of art requires a crate.



Deterministic Non-Periodic Flowsculpture by Stephen Freedman


“The processes which give rise to the complexity we witness in nature are sometimes described in chaos theory as “deterministic non-periodic flow”; deterministic because each event is caused by a previous event, non-periodic since there is no necessarily repeating pattern, and flow as it is an emergent phenomenon. In a multi-variable equation, our human thinking, feeling, and sensing interoperate to produce a sense of reality. This work is the way I model that experience.

This piece is part of an on-going exhibition at Volcano Art Center’s Niaulani Sculpture Garden in Volcano Village.

You can learn more about Stephen and his artistic process here.

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