Moses, Roger

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Roger Moses

“My work is driven by low light. Through the restoration of church windows and watching the light through the panels at dusk, I have been shown that there is an active meditation in viewing windows. The lead work, or structure, falls away, separating the colors while still binding the panels together. I prefer allowing the eye to adjust to the window rather than the window adjusting to the available light. This softening creates a mood.”

Roger Moses was originally drawn into the craft of flat glass as a restorationist. In 1971, he saw a broken leaded glass window and thought he could fix it. By 1974, he was restoring and creating stained glass full time. He was one of the founding members of the Stained Glass Association of Hawaii and has worked with many other artisans on their installations and restoration works. He has restored numerous historic church windows, as well as historic structures throughout Hawai`i, and his stained glass work is privately collected throughout the island chain. In addition, his work can be found in Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, the Caribbean, Canada, and within the continental U.S.

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