Flanders, Amy

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I have been making jewelry for about fifteen years. I started working in Santa Fe, New Mexico finishing jewelry and soon learned lapidary; the art of cutting and polishing stones. As a stonecutter, I have this crazy ambition to cut and polish anything; so I will sometimes use bones or stones I find on hikes, glass shards & sea glass, or gemstones & fossils that I have mined myself, in addition to gem show acquisitions. I am also mesmerized by fire and metals, and experimenting with soldering and texturing techniques.

As a result, I am a “hands on” jeweler; fabricating all of my jewelry myself. As I love to incorporate unique stones into my designs, a large portion of my pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. I sign everything that I can fit my name on and also list the stones and metals as some of them are unusual or hard to remember.

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