Flanders, Amy

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amy flanders

As a stonecutter, I have this crazy ambition to cut and polish anything. So I will sometimes use bones or stones I find on hikes, glass shards, sea glass, or gemstones and fossils that I have mined myself, in addition to gem show acquisitions. I am mesmerized by fire and metals and experiment with soldering and texturing techniques. All of my jewelry is handmade, and none of my pieces are cast.

Learning my craft in the studio of an Alaskan designer in Santa Fe, I am fortunate to have access to fossil ivory and the ability to carve and scrimshaw, which I often employ to give a “face” to my work.  I am blessed by my friends and connections in the Ethnographic Art world and find inspiration in the amazing art and artifacts I am surrounded by at shows, as well as the history of adornment throughout the world.  I am happiest highlighting my favorite parts in stones and fossils and, will polish almost anything I find into wearable art.

As a result, I am a “hands-on” jeweler; fabricating all of my jewelry myself. As I love to incorporate unique stones into my designs, a large portion of my pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. I sign everything that I can fit my name on and also list the stones and metals as some of them are unusual or hard to remember.


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