Johnson, Patty Uldra

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“Volcano is my favorite place on Earth; the place where I feel I am at home. I love the quietude, the rain, [and] the mystical forests.

I am a multimedia artist. I am a self-taught photographer. I also work in clothing design and ceramic art. I have 17 years of university education.

I have degrees in several fields: Psychology, German, Horticulture, and Literature. I am often in shows in Hawai’i and exhibit in galleries across the island.

I do not limit myself to any photographic genre, I just like to ‘capture’ images of beauty. My photography is an interpretation of the beauty in the world around us, especially my island home. In particular, it is an expression of the beauty of Hawaiian culture, the people and their dance, and also of children.

To care for photography, frame in glass or plexiglass; for longevity, avoid direct sunlight.”

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