Ray, Marcia

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Marcia Ray, a fine art painter in the Islands since 1973, is known for her large-scale murals. One of the most successful mural accomplishments can be seen at the Parker Ranch shopping center in Kamuela, Hawaii, with 32 murals depicting the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) lifestyle. Her work graces some of Hawai`i’s most elegant resorts and estates as well as public spaces. Also known for her local-style watercolors, Marcia Ray is forever inspired by tropical botanicals and island colors.
Marcia Ray began a collaborative art process with Archie Macaraeg in 2007. Archie Macaraeg, also known as ‘Uatasilava’Oe (translates in Samoan as…” there can only be One”) found his way to Hawai`i after a successful career in horticulture and landscape design. His Pacific Islander heritage is reflected in the bold Oceanic designs he is now producing with fellow artist Marcia Ray.
Their creative collaboration has produced an outstanding body of work desired by interior designers and homeowners in the Islands. Large art prints are hand-pulled from carved wood panels inspired from Pacific Island tapa techniques and ancient Polynesian designs. The process started from carving Hawaiian gourd images on wood and printing them on paper and canvas. Carved images of the Humpback whale, Japanese koi and water swirls, Maori designs, and turtle motifs soon followed. The artists are continually creating and carving designs from sea life and botanical patterns. They enjoy working with interior designers to create large-scale artworks, open to any color combination needed for the space.

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