Moran, Lucinda

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I have been creating jewelry for over 30 years, selling my pieces in fine galleries and stores, on my website, and in catalogs. I fabricate and cast in sterling and fine silver, often adding karat golds, as well as precious and semiprecious stones. I enjoy expressing my interest and love for the natural and cultural surroundings of Hawaii in the embossed surfaces of my pieces as well as colored clear stones. The lush jungle environments as well as hala weaving have found a home on my silver surfaces. Most recently, ancient tattoo patterns have been suggesting ocean and land on silver. My hope is to express my fascination and unique interpretation of the many images and symbols that I associate with Hawaii into wearable art. I produce many “one of a kind” pieces, as well as “production” pieces. All my jewelry is handmade by me. I currently sell pieces on consignment and wholesale in 15 galleries around the country and state.

I attended Miami University and Ohio University graduating in 1978 with a BFA, concentrating in ceramics, fibers, and art history. I took post graduate classes at Ohio University in metals and attended Penland School of Crafts in metals. I taught metalsmithing at the University of Florida from 1986 to 1991.

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