Davenport, Doug


Artist and Physician, Douglas Davenport has a unique background for an artist. He became an apprentice in production pottery at the age of fifteen and feels fortunate to have learned all aspects of production—from making clay and glazes to building and firing kilns. He has been throwing production stoneware for many years and also finds hand-built work to be liberating and stimulating. Doug has his studio on O‘ahu where he is also an emergency room physician. He is married to the well-known poet Cathy Song. They and their children often visit their vacation home in Volcano.

Douglas states “I enjoy clay because it is a very versatile material. I also like the added dimension of the firing process, be it pit-fired, raku, or high fire because it allows for the final transformation of a piece in a way that is not always in my control—which keeps me surprised.”

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