Seastone, Claire

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Claire Seastone

“Functional art has always been deeply meaningful to me, and first and foremost I am a potter.”  Claire Seastone has been working with clay for 18 years making functional and sculptural work in porcelain and stoneware. She has taught and worked in various clay studios in Montana, Oregon, Italy, and Hawai`i. A deep love of the natural world is a major influence in her work. Her time spent outdoors serves as inspiration in her pieces, and she strives to convey in her work some of the subtle grace and vitality inherent in objects of the natural world.
Her mission is to bring objects of beauty into the rituals of daily life in order to enrich people’s lives. Her current home in Kona, Hawai`i provides and endless supply of natural wonders to contemplate and enjoy.
“I think that our quality of life is improved by being surrounded by well-made, beautiful, and compelling objects, and when that item has an active place in our everyday life, it has the quiet power to make our time more interesting. I consider it a privilege to make ceramic work that finds its way into people’s homes and daily rituals; holding food, drink, flowers, or light. I love incorporating the local plants and animals into my work in a meaningful way. The beautiful native Hawaiian trees such as Koa and Ohia are enchanting in their quiet strength and grace. I find this imagery compelling and look forward to exploring it more as a way to connect to place and nature.”

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