Hahn, Bonnie Sol

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Bonnie Sol Hahn

“It starts with an experience, a feeling, and a subject.
I’m drawn to the way light surfs the waves, the way sunset streaks across the sky, the way wind blows through the palms. From the boldness of the distant mountain as it rises above the clouds, to the intricacies of a flower as it opens to the sun, I find myself compelled to pick up a paint brush.
When I get to my studio, the photo I’ve taken brings back the memories of the moment. The beauty, the inspiration, the emotion. It is a confluence of these things that begins the process…
I paint in thin layers, building up colors and saturation on the canvas or board. I usually have multiple paintings going at one time to allow drying time between layers. When the painting reaches the image in my mind’s eye, capturing the moment, relaying my vision of the world, then it is done.”
— Bonnie Sol

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