L115, Birth of Hi’iaka, giclée by Dietrich Varez



Birth of Hi’iaka,  print L115, by Dietrich Varez.  Features the Hawaiian Goddess Hi’iaka being born out of an egg, according to legend, and her sister, Pele (Hawaiian Goddess of fire and volcanoes) greeting her among the flora and fauna commonly found near the volcanic caldera (including koa’e birds, hapu’u ferns, and ohia trees).  The flowers along the border represent the lehua blossoms, which flower on the ohia trees.

This is a giclée reproduction print on archival paper.

Dimensions: 18″ x 24″

This image is also available in the small size (9″ x 12″) see P37

You can learn more about Dietrich Varez by visiting his bio page here.

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