Litteral, Susan

Susan Litteral grew up in Southern California surrounded by art, crafts and nature.  She credits her mother for her deep appreciation of native ecosystems and her enjoyment of the arts.  She credits her father for instilling in her “a can-do approach to everything.”

Susan has a long history of participating in a variety of art forms including embroidery, beadwork, paper arts, quilting, crochet and felting. She especially enjoys mixing media or incorporating techniques from one medium into another.   She recently began drawing and has discovered the joy of representing nature on paper.  Using the monochromatic medium of graphite or pen & ink requires her to focus on form, tone and texture.  She credits her formal education and past experience as a civil engineer for this technical aspect to her art.  She also enjoys adding bright colors to the monochromatic images.  She feels the added color helps to “pop my art, inviting the viewer to stop and take a closer look.”

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