Fregeau, Ingrid

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Bringing the poetry of the unique plants and culture of Hawai’i island into her hand-thrown ceramic pieces, Ingrid Fregeau is a ceramic sculptor and potter who moved to Hawaii in 1998 from Quebec, Canada.  She has worked with clay for more than twenty years, first as a hand-building figurative sculptor and more recently as a porcelain potter.  Her work has been shown in many juried exhibitions on Hawai’i, Maui, and Oahu.  She received an award for “Best Emerging Artist” in 2015 from Hawai’i Crafstman in their statewide annual exhibition.  Her studio is located in Hilo and her ceramics are fired using solar energy. In addition, she teaches Art and French language classes at a public high school in Hilo.

“The Lehua and Hapu’u porcelain series present hand-thrown, unique, high-fired porcelain pieces with both the poetry of Volcano legendary plants and a blend of our island’s many cultural influences.  The ringing porcelain reminds us of China, while the forms are reminiscent of Japan, and the designs belong to our beautiful Hawai’i.  The poetry of the lehua bloom and the unfolding giant Volcano fern hand painted in cobalt blue on each tea bowl, sake cup, and larger porcelains honor the beauty of a walk-in Volcano National Park.  Each porcelain piece is a meditation that can be held in your hand.  The long-lasting quality of porcelain celebrates a long-lasting love for nature and for peace.”


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