Berger, Marian

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Artist and Naturalist Marian Berger was born in Limerick, Ireland, the daughter of a meteorologist and a painter. Spending her early childhood on Wake Island and Alaska she acquired her father’s love of science, her mother’s artistic bent, and her parents’ mutual love of the outdoors. “I assumed that art was a natural part of life, a way that everyone expressed themselves.” During her teens, Marian focused on abstracts until she took a course a Humboldt University in representational drawing, which she remembers, “truly opened my eyes.”

Today, Marian’s art combines fine details with soft hued touches which giver her paintings a warmth that makes them come alive with their vibrancy. Marian has created a series of paintings Kauai’s most endangered birds and plants leading to an edition of 2,000 published prints, the proceeds of which were donated to the Hawai’i Nature Conservancy. Several of her original paintings have been presented to Hawai’i Senators Inouye and Akaka for their contributions to preserving Hawai’I’s native wildlife.

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