Beardsley, Keith

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Keith Beardsley

Sparked by a grandfather’s love of woodworking, Keith Beardsley has kept the tradition alive through his masterful works of art. Keith was born
in Portland, Oregon but has lived in Hawai‘i since he was two. Keith’s grandfather, a carpenter who made a bandsaw for him, was a key to his interest in woodworking. Keith began doing serious woodworking in 1985. Like many woodworkers, he is self-taught, with the help of numerous books and trade publications.
He and his family live in Hilo where his shop contains a 10” tablesaw, two routers, a 14” bandsaw, a 6” jointer, a 12½” planer, belt and orbital sanders, and a 6” buffer.  “I enjoy working with all varieties of wood. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from my work when someone sees it and wants it to become part of their home.”

Care instructions:
Avoid keeping any fine wood pieces in direct sunlight. Jewelry boxes need only a good quality furniture polish once in a while. Furniture should be dusted and polished with either furniture polish or paste wax for wood.

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