Ster, Joseph Boris

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Modernist artist and jeweler, JosephBoris Ster is a resident of the Big Island of Hawaii, but began life began in 1940, in Yugoslavia, also living for a time in Argentina and California. Joseph was a research chemist until he decided to devote all of his time to creating art. He began by designing jewelry and metal craft wall pieces of various metals. Joseph’s unique designs are mostly oceanic and volcanic in theme, inspired by nature. Gold leaf and acrylic coloring are often incorporated into his jewelry.

Joseph continues to evolve and expand in the arts as he did when he fell in love with clay and the style of raku. Raku originated with Japanese potters in the sixteenth century. Joseph incorporates his metal technique with raku pieces, giving them a look all their own. As Joseph says, “I transform the clay and the clay transforms me.”

His newest explorations with materials involve the use of local koa woods in conjunction with metal techniques, always experimenting and expressing with new media.

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