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Heather Mettler

I’ve spent most of my life on the Big Island of Hawaii, growing up here, and eventually
graduating from the University of Hawaii. Glass has been my primary medium for over 20
years, an interest I took to as a teenager, frst learning sandblasting skills while apprenticed to
a local artist. Later, a session at Pilchuck Glass School offered further study, including mosaic
design with Felice Nittolo, and beginning work in casting and blowing. Thus began my passion
for glass; casting, blowing, sandblasting and the like.

After earning my BFA in Glass at UH, I returned to the Big Island, and started my own studio.
My love of Hawaiian fora and fauna, the ocean, and Pacifc island cultures can be seen in my
work. Right now I’m designing and sandblasting large vessels, playing with the fuidity and
transparent nature of glass and experimenting with the layering of textures and patterns. I am
using these vessels, in essence as my “canvas” for the sandblasted artwork I do.

All of the pieces are unique, although I often make a group built around a common theme.
The Beach Pebble Series is based on ocean themes: fsh, honu, sea star, shells, octopus and
crabs. The Cylinder Series is primarily based on native Hawaiian ferns. Many of the motifs
are based on plants growing in the area where I live. The Basket Series you will fnd is more
abstract and modern in nature. The combination and layering of woven copper baskets,
blown glass and sandblasted imagery create something watery and ethereal. This makes for
dynamic vessels that tend to change as you rotate the piece. The creative process is my
pleasure, and I want you to enjoy gallery quality work.

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