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My intention and purpose are to share love for this amazing living planet, to inspire, and to bring more awareness of its beauty.

Being only miles away from melting hot lava, amusing and powerful ocean waves, waterfalls, whales, and the earth so green and pristine, Daniel’s main muse is Nature.

Both creator and executor of his works, his creativity is upheld by production skills that come from a life of experience. It is through that wealth that he continually explores and pushes the boundaries to create even more exquisite designs. This is further enhanced by his personal connection to Nature, his experiences, encounters, and exchanges, as well as a wide variety of different interests that give richness and expansion to his work.

“I fell in love with glass as a medium to express my love and connection to nature. When I approach glass in its fluid state, I feel as if this connection is enhanced. Tuning into this sacred space, allows me to understand the link between the earth elements and my own.  The ephemeral changing colors and movement of magma and moving water are properties of the glass itself. It can be liquid, viscous, transparent, opaque, shiny, solid, adaptable, flowing and versatile. This makes it the perfect material to express the dynamic raw and liberating energy revealed in the ʻĀina (land) of Hawaiʻi.”

Daniel Moe was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1967. He received his Fine Arts degree in Hot Glass from The University of Wisconsin in 1991.


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