Paul, Gregory

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Gregory Paul has been fascinated by the process of discovering and revealing the forms hidden within natural matter since his early childhood in the Redwoods of Northern California.

During his art school days at San Jose State in the mid-90’s, Gregory began specializing in making solid matter flow–casting metal, sculpting, shaping and treating stone and wood. Architectural design and construction became the next focus of Greg’s work for over a decade in Austin, Texas, and currently on the Big Island of Hawai`i, since 2008.

Living immersed in the natural wonderland of Kalapana, Gregory has returned to his roots, unearthing nature’s secrets by transforming the most concrete of materials into fluid, moving forms in homage to the volcano goddess Madame Pele.

He is continually exploring and discovering more about himself as an artist and as a human being intimately involved with Mother Nature and deeply influenced by the power of the ‘Aina.

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