Eaves, Greg

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Pursuing a craft and tradition of excellence in woodwork passed from generation to generation, Greg Eaves makes his home and trade on the Big Island. He learned woodworking from his father and over the past 20 years, Greg has developed his skills and now is the fourth generation in a long line of master craftsmen.

Greg’s great-grandfather, Christian Gertz Jr., moved to Hawai`i in 1853 at the age of 15 and was trained by the renowned Wilhelm Fisher, one of Honolulu’s finest cabinetmakers of the time. Mr. Gertz was chosen to build the grand Koa and Kamani wood staircase in the Iolani Palace, which was completed for King Kalakaua in 1882. His son, George Gertz continued the tradition as a respected Honolulu boat builder in the early 20th century and Greg’s father, Bradford Eaves, inherited his grandfather’s tools passing them down to Greg.

Ingrained in each piece is the spirit and skill that is passed from father to son. Greg’s Koa wood products have been shown on television, featured in newspapers and magazines, and can be found in fine island galleries. He uses vibrant koa in warm hues of brown and gold to build his intricately carved canoes–each signed and numbered as collector’s items.

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