Franceschini, Alex

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koa franceschini

As a kid, I would make bows and arrows, tree houses, boats, and go-carts with wooden wheels. I have always been involved with woodworking since I could remember.  As a teenager, I started building RC planes following my passion for flying and I crashed so many that one day, looking at my last pile of balsa wood, I went home and shifted my hobby to building something that would not fly, therefore not crash and burn.

I made my first bed with cherry and ebony and I was hooked. After work, I would come home and make a lot of sawdust. But unlike some friends of mine, I was quite impatient and had a problem waiting for the piece to show its form. That is when I got started in turning. From the first bowl, I saw my piece of wood come alive in a few minutes. The shape was coming out of the wood as I was turning and all that time previously spent on cutting, sanding, and finishing was reduced to almost nothing.

I still make furniture; I have built a few bedroom sets, kitchen cabinets, and tables. But, I always return to my lathes after a time.

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