Eoff, Gary


Reminiscent of a time deeply connected to the natural rhythm of old Hawai’i, Gary Eoff weaves cords of palm, Hou, and bamboo fibers into elaborate fishing baskets; and carves bits of bone into traditional Hawai’ian fish hooks.  His work is noted for its attention to detail, its authentic designs, and its use of traditional materials and processes.  Gary gathers his materials in a manner that sustains the forest: always careful to nurture the plants and help them to reproduce more than was taken.

Gary’s love of Hawaiian traditions, especially the voyaging canoes, is reflected in the themes of his prints and artwork.  His contemporary art forms have been inspired through the use of traditional materials and techniques.  He works independently and in collaboration with other master craftsmen and artists on multi-media art pieces.


          Gary’s Artwork is available in:

          Fiber Arts


          Fine Art Reproductions

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