Rokovitz, Daniel E.

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“I was trained by my grandmother to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the beauty in women, and in the finer things in life. I was taught by my mother to notice the beauty in every person I meet. I was tutored by my father to see the beauty in the natural world around me; each rock, plant, and animal. I have been blessed to share my life with my spouse, who encourages and inspires me. I am who I am today because of every moment that I have lived, every experience I have had, every person and object I have encountered, and I am thankful and proud to be myself.
I was artful throughout childhood, in many mediums both simple and intricate. Educated in fashion design and couture techniques, I have designed and produced custom fashions for special occasions and bridal events, and have trained and worked in museum conservation of textiles, fashions, and accessories. I have studied stone carving, and have always been interested in gems and minerals, and the stars. The gifts and wonders of Mother Nature, her great bounty of undeniable beauty evident in the vast array of exceptional materials, combined with the expert treatment of technicians who locate, cut, and polish the amazing gems, minerals, woods, and pearls I use. The color, form, texture, and luminescence of these materials find their own companions, coming together in each and every piece to create an expression of the unique and wonderful person it is meant to be with. Art and Beauty are as they should be, and I am but a minor player in their inevitable production.
Enjoy the gift of yourself and a simple expression of your own beauty.”

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