Ahia, Christine

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christine ahia

Artist and conservationist, Christine grew up in Honolulu. She started drawing as a child, and her parents took her to art classes at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. After an initial family visit to the Volcano in 1962, Christine continues to explore Kīlauea as a hiker, camper, and artist. “I’m constantly intrigued with the frequent changes and lava activity in the volcano area and love to camp in the ‘backcountry.’ I’m also interested in the conservation of our native plant and animal species, and volunteer with several organizations around the island. I love combining art with my outdoor interests, as conservation workdays and hiking will lead to places that are less traveled and very interesting. I enjoy sketching, painting, and photographing the plants and birds there in their natural habitat.”

Christine majored in art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she was first introduced to pastels. She works with “soft pastels” and loves to work “en plein air” (outdoors on location). Sometimes she returns to capture just the right light and finish up her artwork. “Painting en plein air makes a strong connection with the natural setting and is a wonderful multi-sensory experience. To see and hear the birds, study the plants and trees present, and then work to depict them in paintings is challenging! My goal is to engage viewers to take a closer look and to stimulate their interest in our natural environment.” Christineʻs participated in numerous juried, invitational, and solo shows and is a signature member of Pastel Artists of Hawaiʻi. Her artwork is featured in several galleries on Hawaiʻi Island.

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