Conklin, Cindy

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cindy conklin

“I’m drawn to Kīlauea by the primal nature of the place. The raw landscapes colonized by new plants as well as the evidence of long-term human populations via petroglyphs and historic sites are very important to my art.” Cindy Conklin has worked with watercolors for 25 years, using Hawaiian themes since 1992. She has worked in other media as well, including collage, acrylics, scratchboard, and printmaking.

Cindy Conklin has a degree in History of Art, with a minor in studio art. She was an art teacher for over 20 years before moving to Hawaii.

“Everything that happens in the paintings is a result of actions and reactions. As I work through a piece, the composition happens pretty much ad hoc. The intense and or modulated colors usually require many layers of paint. It’s a slow process as I always work on many pieces and never simply start and finish one painting at a sitting.”

“I was born to make art. It is the activity that uses my whole self; hands, heart, brain, and soul. Starting a new piece of art is always an adventure. I have no idea where I am going or when I will get there, but I can be sure it will be somewhere interesting and satisfying.”

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