Castro, Luti

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“Painting is a language in itself and timeless.” Originally from Brazil, Luti Castro studied painting and woodwork at the Art Institute of Boston and at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. “My paintings are an expression of my personal connection with nature. The ability to create art and use it as a form of communication is what defines us as intelligent beings. Painting with pigments was one of the earliest manifestations of art and the inspiration for written languages and mathematics. Art is a way to connect with people, bring people together, raise awareness and inspire new ideas. My work is an impressionistic interpretation of my field of vision. I paint what I see with oils on stainless steel. I use pigments that have excellent resistance to sunlight. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is often my favorite subject matter. When I visit the park, I get an overwhelming sensation that I am walking through a sacred place. A place that inspires respect and admiration. My mission is to share the beauty I see in nature with the viewer, presented with classy and timeless craftsmanship.”

“The Hawaiian culture has a deep respect for the natural world and is the most in tune with it. Hawai’i has the key to understanding how Earth was created- and still is being created. In Hawaii, there is a deep appreciation of how our bodies resonate with a balance in the ecosystem. My paintings aim to pay respect to the presence of life. Life is in everything; in every person, animal, and plant. It’s in the land we step on. In the color of the Sky and the Ocean. As powerful as it may be, it is also very delicate.  All life is connected; by respecting all aspects of the living world, we respect our own. By preserving the existence of life, we preserve our own. That is the essence of Aloha. I share the same respect for nature.”

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