Workshop: Orchid Cultivation



Join Ben Oliveros, Larry Kuekes and Shelby Smith from the Hilo Orchid Society for “Orchids Around the World” at Volcano Art Center on October 15 from 9am – noon.

Ask yourself, “Will an orchid from the Himalayan mountains grow in a climate like Volcano?” Knowing where your orchids come from is a clue to how to grow them – hot or cold, wet or dry. If you’re growing an orchid from the Himalayas, it wants to be kept cool! If it’s from the steamy jungles of New Guinea, it wants to be warm!

Want to know more?

Larry Kuekes will take us on a quick world tour to show us where in the world some of the orchids that we grow come from. Shelby Smith will demonstrate how to divide and repot your orchids and Ben Oliveros will discuss the orchids he has loved and…. killed. Along with other tips on how to keep your orchid thriving.

If you’re an orchid hobbyist or someone with a budding orchid addiction you won’t want to miss this workshop. Not only will you learn a thing or two, but also, thanks to the Hilo Orchid Society, you’ll be able to take home a plant.

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