Call to Artists

CALL TO ARTISTS! Quilts in the Forest – Where the Path May Lead

Volcano Art Center invites all quilters from the island of Hawai‘i to participate in the second bi-annual quilt show Quilts in the Forest- Where the Path May Lead. This quilt exhibit will be on display from July 13, 2018 through August 4, 2018 at Volcano Art Center’s Hale Ho‘omana at the Ni‘aulani Campus in Volcano Village. Please see the official Quilt Show rules here.


           Quilts in the  Forest  2018  –  Where the Path May Lead 

             Traditional, Contemporary and Innovative Quilts

                       at  Volcano Art Center Ni‘aulani Campus

                            July 13 – August 4, 2018


Acceptance Rules

  • Each entrant can submit up to 3 pieces of work. The show committee has the discretion of choosing work subject to space available.
  • Each piece can be no larger than 85 wide x 105 tall” (Queen size).
  • Entry must consist of at least 3 layers, held together by some form of stitching, by hand or machine.
  • Quilts must have a 4” hanging sleeve, attached to the top. Quilts without sleeves will not be accepted without prior arrangements with the show committee.
  • The value must be listed for all quilts, for sale or not.
  • Entries must remain on display for the duration of the show whether sold or not.
  • There will be an artist/ VAC split of 70/30 (75/25 for VAC members) on all sales.
  • Quilts made from kits will not be accepted.



  • Applications by May 26, 2018, 5 pm. You can register online, at Volcano Art Center Ni‘aulani Campus in Volcano Village or via mail, Volcano Art Center, PO Box 129, Volcano, HI 96785.
  • A non-refundable entry fee must accompany each application : $ 25 for first entry, $ 40 for two and $ 50 for three entries.
  • Submit one overall image and one detail image for each piece of work.
  • Notice of acceptance via email by June 16, 2018.



All accepted entries must be delivered on July 9, 2018, either in person or by carrier. VAC reserves the right to omit from the exhibition accepted quilts that differ dramatically from what is represented by the photo submitted.

All entrants will be asked to sit the show for at least one 3-hour shift during the show.



By May 26, 2018                                  Application deadline

June 16, 2018                                         Notice of acceptance

July 9, 2018   10AM – 3PM                 Submission of work at Hale Ho‘omana, VAC’s  Ni‘aulani Campus in Volcano Village, or via mail by July 8, 2018

July 13, 2018       5-7PM                       Opening reception

July 14 – August 4, 2018                      Exhibition open, Tues-Sat, 10AM – 4PM

August 4, 2018                                      Exhibition closes

August 6, 2018   10AM – 2PM            Pick-up of work at Hale Ho‘omana or pre-arrange shipping at quilter’s expense


For more information, contact Volcano Art Center Coordinator, Fia Mattice, 967-8222,

Register online here!



Volcano Art Center invites sculptors to submit designs for the second installment in its Ni‘aulani Sculpture Garden in Volcano Village.

INTERPLAY – Art: Science

Sculptural works inspired by Nature, informed by Science, expressed as Art 

Speaking about the theme of this exhibit, a local artist commented:  “Sculptors are uniquely suited to this particular task. For the most part, we use media formed by the forces of nature – stone, metal, wood, clay, glass, we are very grounded in our materials and tools, and have to be part engineer, as  well as intuitive artist, to do what we do.”

 The Niaulani Sculpture Garden is located in a phenomenally unique geographic setting within the rainforest atop Kilauea Volcano and bordered by lush native Hawaiian forest.  The site features meandering paths through the sculpture sites, endemic plants, and a covered 10’ X 10’ performance deck for music, dance and special community gatherings.  The garden is adjacent to a remnant old growth native forest, dominated by  tall `ohi`a trees towering over a diverse understory and ground cover.  Weekly guided hikes through this forest, as well as the sculpture garden, are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Our intent is to provide high quality sculptural work that stimulates contemplation and dialogue, and is of aesthetic as well as educational value to people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and economic situations.  We believe that exposure to the arts fosters an enhanced sensitivity to and understanding of the natural environment, ourselves and each other. We are committed to supporting artists by providing a venue for exhibiting outdoor sculpture that inspires them with fresh ideas, encourages experimentation with various media and promotes new ways of working.



* This call for entry is for new works by artists working in all sculpture media.  Works may be traditional or experimental in form and must express the interplay of Nature to Science.

– This call or entry is open to all professional and university level applicants..

* Artists may submit up to three (3) original designs (in concept, composition and execution), in one or more of the following ways:

– drawings rendered to show at least two viewing angles, with accompanying text describing media, concept and other pertinent details

– photographs of a marquette showing different viewing points, with accompanying text describing the media, concept, etc.

– photographs showing several angles of a finished sculpture, with accompanying text describing media, concept, etc…

* There is a $5 entry fee to cover processing. In addition, Volcano Art Center membership ($50/yr. for artists) is requested.

* All asking prices (or NFS) are allowed. Artists will receive 70% and Volcano Art Center 30% of the sale.



The natural forces of rain, wind, fire, atmosphere, light, gravity, magnetism, volcanic activity, earthquakes, time, astronomical events, growth patterns fractal, spiral sequences Fibonacci, the mystery of bird songs, the life of plants has long inspired both art and science.

Selection will be based on the merit of artistic creativity; expression and , craftsmanship; strength of the concept in relation the theme Art : Science, and a Certification of Durability guarantee by the sculptor that will assert that materials and fabrication has been designed to hold-up under a year (12 months) of continuous exposure to elements in the Volcanic rain-forest.

Current configuration of the Niaulani Sculpture Garden will support a presentation of approximately twelve (12) works for this exhibition.



Michael Marshall, was born in St. Louis, Missouri and attended the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL, BFA 1975; Yale University, New Haven, CT, MFA 1977. Professor Marshall has taught full-time at the University of Hawaii Hilo since 1984. Professor Marshall currently serves as Chair of the Art/ Performing Art Departments, University of Hawai’i at Hilo; East Hawaii Cultural Council. Executive Director.




October 15, 2017            Entry postmark deadline

November 15, 2017        Notification of selection results

March 1, 2018 –              Delivery of selected work due at the Volcano Art Center

March 15, 2018               On-site installation of all sculptures

March 24, 2018               Exhibit opening and artist’s reception in the Sculpture Garden

March 30, 2019               Pick up of work by the artist or designated person


The Volcano Art Center will provide:

– Materials needed for installation (such as concrete, hardware, etc.)

– Installation assistance, as requested by artist

* including construction of sculpture foundation or base

* the securing of sculptures to the base (as instructed by artist)

– Engraved outdoor label either on the base or close to the piece

– Maintenance of the grounds

– Promotional materials about the exhibit, the artists and their work to be distributed to visitors and


– Press releases and publicity about the exhibit to magazines, newspapers and radio stations

– Printing of the exhibit announcement and invitation to the opening reception, which will be hosted

by Volcano Art Center


Artist responsibilities include:

– Certification of Durability to assure that materials used to create the work are durable enough to withstand a long-term presentation in an outdoor venue.that is subject to heavy rainfall, corrosive elements in the atmosphere from Volcanic emissions and occasional earthquakes.

– Artists will need to provide the following written information: (VAC reserves the right to edit the

text as needed.)

* Background narrative or commentary about the piece

* Title of piece, media, dimensions and asking price

* Short artist’s biography (for the brochure and for use in newsprint media articles)

* Artist’s statement

– Artist must agree to have the piece(s) secured to a foundation

(Attachment hardware will be placed according to artists directions, if provided.)

– If artist is not present at the installation, he/she must provide any detailed instructions or sign

waiver of responsibility.

– Artist will need to sign a waiver of liability.

– Artist is responsible for transporting or arranging for shipment of sculptural work to the

sculpture garden at the Niaulani Campus of Volcano Art Center on or before the due date,

March 1, 2018,

– Artist is also responsible for removing unsold work at the end of the exhibit (March 30, 2019)

– Since the Volcano Art Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization with an obligation to provide

educational components with our exhibits, the selected sculptors will be asked to give a short

presentation or workshop and/or participate in a walking tour of the exhibit during the exhibit year.

– It will be requested of selected artists who are not current members of the Volcano Art Center to

join at the $50/yr. artist fee.

– Submit the above requested materials to:



Works that have been previously exhibited and/or are widely known in East Hawaii will not be considered for this call for entry.

Works selected for presentation that fail to live up to the Certification of Durability and atrophy in a way that endangers public safety will be removed before close of the exhibition.

VAC reserves the right to omit sculptures from the exhibit that differ significantly from the proposed images submitted on the entry form upon which the curator’s selections were made.



Direct questions and requests for more information to:

Sculpture Garden Coordinator/Administrator: Julie Williams –  – (808) 339-1699