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Liz Miller

Miller, Elizabeth

In scratching below the surface appearance one starts to encounter the interconnectedness of all things, the repetitive patterns in nature that for all their seeming complexity, are so elegantly simple.
My intent with the materials and content chosen, is to depict ancient through contemporary Hawai`i Island – our treasured endemic and indigenous life forms that are being studied and unearthed as greater dimensions of reality are revealed. In particular regards to the “field notes” series, to render this ancient-to-modern effect, I start with an abstract, color field painting and layer in the schematic drawings to show underlying structures (from the atomic to the biologic), then add sketches, then do finished paintings of certain images, and lastly, write the text. I include whatever synchronistically comes my way during the process of doing the piece. Thus, some of the writing is technical, including mathematical code, or is empirically descriptive, and other of the text is sacred, allegorical, philosophic or pure poetry. To enhance the look, feeling and fragrance of layered time, I finish each piece with a coat of transparent encaustics which I melt onto the surface with a heat gun and hand rub to a satin surface.
For me, experiencing art is an invitation to a more right-brained, visual-tactile conversation about the nature of reality, about this multi-dimensional universe we live in but are mostly obscured from. I hope this art creates a doorway, invites you in to dive deeper, that some new territory in your mind and heart is opened, and that maybe you can even start to feel the color and textures vibrating in your bones.

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