Worth Of Water – Sculpture Garden Exhibit


The Niaulani Sculpture Garden is located at Volcano Art Center’s Niaulani campus in Volcano Village, the gateway community to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park which hosts more than one million visitors annually from all over the world. The sculpture garden is uniquely situated adjacent to an old growth native rain forest and features a loop trail, designed by landscape architect David Tamura, which provides inviting areas for viewing the sculptures.


Artists are invited to submit proposals in the form of a drawing with descriptive notes or photos of 3 views of a 3-D maquette for stand alone sculptures or conceptual installations that express the Worth of Water in all its forms; including its sound, shape, interaction with other environmental elements or creatures, impacts, and/or the cultural value of water.

In Hawai’i “…The Hawaiian word for water is wai. The Hawaiian word for wealth is waiwai; wai is doubled, or said twice. When you have wai you have life, the ability to sustain yourself upon the land. And the water is believed to be from the god Kāne i ka wai ola, Kāne the giver of the water of life.  The Hawaiian word for spring of water is pūnāwai. Pūnāwai or puʻuna-wai described a place where water bubbles up from the ground (rising like a hill or a mound), it is the source of water.
The Hawaiian word kūpuna, may be translared as –kū (standing at) puna (source of water); kūpuna are those who stand at the water source…it is that our elders are those who stand at the source of knowledge. They stand at the well-spring gained by years of their life…”

–Mary Kawena Pukui, April 11, 1975 interview with Kepā Maly

Please fill out the entry form below. Submit online or print the completed form and deliver detailed  photos and the entry fee of $10  to Volcano Art Center Niaulani Campus in Volcano Village, or via mail/ carrier to Volcano Art Center, PO Box 129, Volcano, HI 96785.


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