Secret Fire by Gwendolyn O’Connor


Secret Fire, print by Gwendolyn O’Connor

Matted & Mounted using Museum grade materials, the outer Matt edges measure 16 by 19 inches ( 40.6 by 48.3 cm). Image size approximately 12.5 by 15 inches ( 32 by 38cm )

This Fine Art Archival Giclee’ was created by the Artist Gwendolyn O’Connor in Ola’a, Hawai’i.

Secret Fire, print by Gwendolyn O’Connor
Hidden by walls of wild sugar cane, a Secret Garden
flurishes. The heavy air is cooled in the fragarent shade
of a fruiting Mango tree (Mangifera indica). Viberant Bananas
(Musa sapientum) hang in pendulous glory. Once tended with
loving care, the rainbow colours glow with soft memories
of the past. Listen closely to the wind in the leaves,
are there voices? Is that laughter? Only the trees know.
Learn more about Gwendolyn and her artistic process here.
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