Palila Peekaboo, Limited Edition, giclée by Caren Loebel-Fried


Limited edition, fine art giclee print from an original hand-colored block print.

Dimensions: 11×14″


The materials used for this giclée are all of the highest quality, printed on acid-free, museum quality, 100% cotton paper, using archival, pigment-based inks. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist, backed by a white acid-free board, and packaged in a clear re-sealable art bag with a description and a certificate of authenticity on the back.

The Palila, Loxiodes bailleui, is an endangered Hawaiian Honeycreeper found on the Island of Hawai‘i. It eats seeds from the green pods growing on the Māmane trees, as well as the blossoms, buds and leaves, and the seed of the Naio trees. The Palila can be found on the southern slopes of Mauna Kea between 6500’ and 9300’, following the budding, blooming, and fruiting of the Māmane trees. Due to loss of Māmane trees resulting from grazing sheep and goats, the Palila population and habitat is very small, and they are extremely vulnerable to extinction. Caren observed the birds up close that were being raised in a conservation breeding program at Keauhou Bird Conservation Center. This piece features two males and one female Palila busy with Māmane seed pods, but peeking curiously at us while we watch them.

You can learn more about Caren Loebel-Fried and her artistic process by visiting her bio page here.

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