Blue Gold, sculpture by Ingrid Frégeau


Blue Gold, sculpture by Ingrid Frégeau

Made of: Glazed stoneware

3′ x 2′ x 2′


Blue Gold, sculpture by Ingrid Frégeau

Stoneware glazed ceramic with gold luster drops

Blue Gold represents the worth of water in the form of a female human figure with face and hands lifted towards the sky, the body covered in a clear blue glaze with gold drops pattern all over the body. The head adorns a fern lei and her torso will be dressed with a long flower lei, all of which will be fired as one three-foot high sculpture whose parts cannot be detached from one another. The blue symbolizes water, the gold the worth of water, and the gesture of our reverence and need for water to maintain and sustain life (symbolized as a female figure, lei, and flowers)

Fregeau is an artist and an art educator in East Hawaii. Her figurative sculptures present ceramic 3D portraits, many of them of artists living in Hawaii. She has been working in hand-built stoneware since 2000, creating representations of artists as figures of art. More recently, since 2015, her ceramic portraits have been fired with colorful glazes and gold luster.

This work is currently on display as part of the Worth Of Water exhibition at Volcano Art Center’s Niaulani Sculpture Garden in Volcano Village.

You can learn more about Ingrid and her artistic process here.

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