Ola Lomi Stick, 6″


Lomi lomi is traditional Hawaiian massage that uses the hands and carved sticks to realign the body, mind and spirit.

Empowered by the breath of life and the healing power of plants and nature, lomilomi transfers the mana/energy that restores health and beauty, and relieves pain.

Ola Pono lomi sticks are small versions of the traditional lomi stick, designed to be portable and easy to use for self care. Using Ola Pono Lomi sticks helps to minimize effort while maximizing healing, allowing for deeper focus on pressure points.

Ola Pono Lomi sticks are harvested from Guava in the forests of The Big Island and made by hand by students at The Lanakila Learning Center.

The Lanakila Learning Center also helps the farm project at Hawaiian Body Products, growing and harvesting key ingredients in our Hawaiian medicine garden on site.

The Ola Pono Lomi sticks are most effective used with Ola’s scented Body oils or Massage Oil!

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How to use: Run your lomi stick along your neck, shoulders, lower legs, feet or any sore area. Press the tapered end into sore muscles to relieve tension.  Deeply Inhale and exhale! Practice on other people and have them practice on you!

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