Hawaiian Rhythm & Hula

Join kumu Loke Kamanu as she introduces you to some of Hawai‘i's traditional rhythmic instruments that are paired with a seated hula (hula noho) about the area of Kīlauea.

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Learn about traditional Hawaiian rhythmic instruments

10 Videos in this Series

Learn how to perform a hula noho (seated hula) about Kīlauea

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Topics Covered In This Class

1 Traditional Hawaiian Instruments

Hawaiian music is largely rhythmic. Although chanting plays its own role later in this class, we will start with a rhythmic foundation that includes an array of traditional Hawaiian instruments.

2 How to Find and Make Your Instrument

The instruments featured in this class can be purchased from a retailer or crafted yourself! Loke created all of the featured instruments in this series - we encourage you to do the same. This process can take longer but can be fun and educational.

3 Learn the Mele (song) Kīlauea

This mele is about the place of Kīlauea. Kīlauea has been Hawai‘i's most active volcano and is home of the Hawaiian goddess, Pele. We will practice three verses from five of the verses featured in this mele. We encourage you to download the PDF of this mele at the link below, to view all five verses.

4 Learn the Noho Hula (Seated Hula)

Hula can be complex and can take years to master - it is its own art form. In this series, you will learn a noho hula (seated hula). This hula is paired with the mele that you have learned and will accompany the lyrics with the needed body language to tell the story of Pele's home, Kīlauea.

Class Materials

1. Rhythm & Music

If you are practicing this as a single student, we have designed this class to ensure that you may play back the music and rhythm presented by either viewing the tutorials above or by downloading the ipu rhythmic with chant in the class materials by clicking the button below.

2. Accompanying Full Lyric Sheet of Kīlauea

In this series, kumu Loke Kamanu presents us with three of the five verses from the mele of Kīlauea. We encourage you to download the full lyric sheet below and learn the entire mele.

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