Zuziak, Scott

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I picked up my first chisel and mallet in 2001 and carved a Hawaiian inspired statue from a piece of pine. I was instantly hooked. Over the years, I have developed an obsession for realistic wood carving and I continue to seek inspiration and grow as an artist on the Big Island of Hawaii.

My wife and I share a passion for the art, culture and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. We met in 2000 through a Polynesian dance group in Chicago where my wife was a Hula dancer, and I performed the Samoan fire knife dance. We were hired as entertainment for private and public luau events throughout all of the Chicagoland area. During this time, I also had the fortune of competing in the World Fire Knife Competition in Laie, HI.

In 2014, I made the commitment to focus on creating Polynesian and island inspired wood art. In early 2017, we purchased land on the east side of Hawaii, and between 2017 and 2021, I commuted from Chicago to Hawaii in order to build our home and art studio. In June of 2021, we settled in our new home on the Big Island.

I draw inspiration from the discovery of wildlife, ocean life and landscapes of all the Hawaiian Islands. My wife and I are active travelers and enjoy any opportunity to hike, swim and explore. We are also extremely passionate for animals of all kinds, and volunteer at “Petfix,” a windward based charitable organization dedicated to providing low/no cost spay and neuter services to curb the overpopulation of cats and dogs on the Big Island.

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