Yamaguchi, Cody


Cody Yamaguchi is a photographer with an inspiring vision and unique perspective.  Born and raised in Hilo, Hawai’i, his childhood was nothing short of amazing as Hawai’i island provided the perfect landscape to satisfy his never-ending desire to be outdoors.  Having a true eye for aesthetics and natural beauty, Cody is influenced by nature and he fell in love with the complex details in everything.

Cody’s artistic talent was evident from a very young age.  He started off with black and white charcoal drawing as his main art form and slowly moved to other styles and genres of art and eventually photography.  As an 8-year-old, he entered and placed 2nd at his first art exhibit.  That was the start of Cody’s recognizable artistic path as he has won several local art exhibits, was awarded the Fine Arts Department award at Waiakea High School, and most recently took 1st place and best nature in the Hawai’i Photography Show 2019.  Cody’s never-ending desire to capture the great outdoors continues.

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